Saratoga Frameworks shuts down

by Marc Basiliere 6

Former Serotta factory closes doors… photo

Though more recently focused on road and ‘cross models, the factory that also gave birth to some truly lustworthy Serotta mountain bikes has closed its doors.  According to US industry paper Bicycle Retailer, the remaining eight or so employees “were told Wednesday to hand in their keys and gather any remaining personal items at the factory,” and informed that, barring further news, they should file for unemployment benefits.

Another setback for Tomac
Another setback for Tomac

Following the sudden firing of namesake Ben Serotta and a subsequent name change, owner Brian Case was trying to establish Saratoga Frameworks as a custom and contract builder- tapped as the latter for the most recent rebirth of Tomac under British consumer-direct retailer Planet X.  It is possible – but not confirmed – that Saratoga got caught up in the ongoing meltdown of Devine Cycling Group, which also owned Blue Competition Cycles and Mad Fiber wheels and of which Case was both a principal and board member.

Our thoughts go out to the craftspeople who’ve lost their livelihoods.  Anyone still hanging on to a vintage MaxTi, MaxiT, or CST (Colorado SofTail) would do well to take it out for a spin this week.

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  1. Is Devine Cycling Group, rather than being an umbrella organisation promoting small scale manufacture, simply an asset stripping organisation?

  2. Sounds messy – shame.
    Hopefully the talent and knowledge wont be wasted.

  3. I have a TiMax 29er and it is a work of art. Sad to hear this.

  4. Sad news, will hold onto mine, well unless on-one take them over 🙂

  5. Great news mlbasiliere – thanks for following-up!
    Perhaps they will do better without the layers above them 🙂

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