Orbea’s Hydra: The best hydration solution?

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Bold claims from Spanish brand…

Aaand... action!
Aaand… action!

With so many very good hydration packs on the market, it takes an interesting pack, or some truly hyperbolic promotion, to make a model stand out.  When an e-mail came through from Orbea claiming that the brand’s Hydra line was “the best hydration system you can find,” our interest was piqued.

Orbea Hydra back panelAvailable in both 2L and 10L capacities (plus room for a 2L bladder), the Hydra series is built of lightweight water- and mud-repellant fabrics, with a hi-viz rain cover included for truly wet days.  Designed to be stable and back-hugging on the bike, the Hydras’ back panels are built of breathable materials that stand the bag off the rider’s back somewhat, improving airflow.

Orbea Hydra 304Access to the packs’ contents looks good, with top-to-bottom zips and handy waist pockets.  The included bladder is one of Hydrapak’s 1.5L models, which have proved sturdy and easy to both fill and clean.  While the details look good from afar, it’ll take some riding time to tell if they truly live up to the claims.  The Hydra 2+2 is available in the UK now for £80, the Hydra 10+2 for £90.

Encourages pensive sipping
Encourages pensive sipping


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    Looking pensive? He’s probably wondering where he left his road bike and how he’s going to clean the mud off his disco slippers.

    They’re not marketing that at my demographic that’s for sure.

    An interesting helmet/skull cap. Is that Orbea too?

    What about the newer CamelBack offerings with the bladder low down around the hips to help steady the pack off-road? have you tested one of them yet? That seems a move in the right direction!

    We reviewed a Camelbak Volt in issue 79, Slofox. 🙂

    The “best” has to be the Wingnut Hyper made from the same material as sails, hardwearing and waterproof and sits on the hips for great stability, probably where Camelbak got the idea!

    2l bladder?
    10l pack?
    I’m out

    It appears that it’s worn on the back, I’m out #loseThePack

    Hydrapak bladder? No ta.

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