Moab Diary Part Two

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So the first three days out here were pretty much a whistle stop tour of all the classics old and new. Ranging from Captain Ahab, a pretty new built trail on the Amasa Back with plenty of enduro punchy climbs and drops to what’s probably going straight into my top ten of trails; the Moab Classic Porcupine Rim with a bit of Whole Enchilada for good measure.

Porcupine Rim
Porcupine Rim

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Already a good ride in the bag, but with an added bonus of five miles of built trails all the way back into town. A challenging off camber, switchbacked thing of beauty. I’d like to say I complete the ‘no dab challenge’ but tired legs and hunger helped defeat me on some of the tighter thrutchy sections.

Five miles of city trails
Five miles of city trails

A good long day out on the bike with the added bonus of seeing something special, and superb singletrack to get tired legs to spin back up to speed all the way back into town. No ones going to complain at that right?



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