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Here’s another helping of visual escape from the daily grind.

Tune in, brew up, slack off…

Lahnvalley Crew – Summer scent

The cold and snowy days have nearly disappeared. Flowers and everything in the nature shows that it is going to be time to start the new season. So YOU better be ready and put your tanks on to shred the new season!!!

Between The Eyes: Jordan Manley’s #dailywalk

In November, 2012, Jordan Manley, a very well respected action sport photographer and filmmaker, suffered a concussion that severely changed his life. The concussion was such that Jordan was unable to perform even quite simple tasks without triggering his symptoms. Recovery for this kind of injury, which is effectively brain damage, means resting the brain as if it were any other part of the body. For Jordan, this meant losing the ability to exercise not just physically but mentally. All he could do was take one short walk a day. As time went on he began taking his iPhone and captured some of the remarkable things he saw on his strolls and then uploaded them to Instagram. #dailywalk became Jordan’s way of providing an outlet for his boisterous creativity and a way of communicating with the world about the symptoms of his concussion, the inner working of the brain and the emotions of dealing with his recovery. Taking these photos became his therapy and provided him with a form of solace while he went through a very foreign and daunting time. It’s also fair to say that very few people could create such a stunning portfolio of images using just an iPhone.

‘The best camera is the one in your pocket’, is the rebel yell against the tutting and head-shaking condescension of those within the creative ruling class who worry that imagery will lose its power to deceive, to mystify, to teach, to fascinate, and coerce if our minds become saturated by a barrage of Everyman images. Some worry that modern mediums, like the iPhone and Instagram, will dissolve all message, but as Jordan Manley’s images demonstrate – all of which were captured on an iPhone and using a few simple apps and a geologists magnifying glass – a truly creative person doesn’t mistake the means for the ends.

At the time this video was released Jordan was still suffering from symptoms after a small setback to his recovery.

Thanks and best wishes to Jordan Manley (jordanmanley.com). His work as a filmmaker and photographer even before his injury is partly what inspires and informs my own work.

Filmed and edited by Seb Kemp (2Flat)

“Between The Eyes” is an ongoing series of short videos that hope to explore and communicate some of the fascinating stories behind photographers and their craft.

10 years of Megavalanche

Scottish Enduro Series, Round 1, HAVE SOME FUN!

The inaugural round of the Scottish Enduro Series kicked off at Nevis Range by Fort William on 23rd February 2014. A hardy group of racers battled strong winds, heavy rain and snow melt which made for challenging conditions as they competed over the four stages. Stage two however, will be remembered by many for it’s never ending and ever deepening mud. This video is dedicated to that special stage, and the achievement by all racers to battle their way down to the finish.

Thanks to No Fuss Events for organising a great weekend of racing and good times. nofussevents.co.uk. Filmed, raced and edited by Ronan Dugan.

Magnus Manson

Magnus is not your average kid. He works very hard, and it shows in every aspect of his life. He is focused on his goals and knows exactly how to reach them. His level of skill is high, he has a dedicated training program, and with several podium finishes he is on the path to becoming one of Canada’s premier downhill racers. But when you still have to go to high school, train every day, stay focused and juggle part time job its not easy to fund a racing career. This is where Magnus needs your help. Learn about his past success and his upcoming season – Head to his crowd funding page and help this kid climb the ranks!

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2014 Trailer

Trailer for the 9th Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, Friday 4 to Sunday 6th of April.

shaff.co.uk #ShAFF2014

More than 100 inspiring adventure sports films and speakers on 7 big screens
At the Showroom Cinema & Workstation (and Sheffield Hallam University)

Proudly supporting Sheffield Hospitals Charity to raise £5,000 for a blood fridge at the Northern General Hospital


The Knolly Warden

UK Bike Skills – Video Blog 3.1

Wow, has it really been six months since the last video blog?

After the wind and rain of the last few weeks it is nice to finally get back on the woodwork at Herts Shore. Enjoy the footage.

24 Hours of Old Pueblo with Skratch Labs and Hashtags

24 hours of mountain biking in the desert with #realfood and #baconpower.

Thanks to all who worked tirelessly to create a fantastic weekend of fun and pain.

Winter Bike Duel vol.4 | Pamporovo 2014

Here is the official video from fourth edition of the spectacular snow bike race – Winter Bike Duel!

Remy Absalon – tuned performance

SRSUNTOUR WERX suspension test with Remy Absalon in the Cevennes Mountains, South France. Tuning and testing the AURON fork and a new rear shock. Now we are race ready.

Action Cam by Sony presents: Brett Rheeder’s Airs & Alleys

Shot 100% by Sony’s Action Cam
#sonyactioncam #proveyourself #dreamcapture #airs&alleys

OR Magazine: Mountain Biking & Trail Building

This video was part of an article from OR Magazine, an iPad magazine produced by students at the University of Oregon.

Interclub Ride 2014

The yearly inter-club ride carnage organised by EC Cycles (Best Bike Shop) and attended by Aberdare MTB, Halfway Up, South Wales MTB.


…il mondo è cambiato, lo sento nell’acqua, nella terra, lo avverto nell’aria… ma voglio credere nella gioia che queste montagne ancora mi trasmettono…
Lorenza Menapace

Filmed and edited by: Tommaso Prugnola

Life in Focus – E11 Mattias Fredriksson

It is a special time of the year when changing seasons challenge shooters beyond their subjects and equipment. Some move with the weather, chasing dirt and snow, while others stay put and bounce back and forth as the sceneries change. Mattias Frederiksson takes the latter, working through the transition and keeping his cameras on overdrive as the conditions go from dirt to snow and back again. We catch up with Mattias this past November in Åre, Sweden where he shows us how he manages to shoot both mountain bike and ski in the consecutive days.

Over the last year alone, his images have found their way on nearly 30 mag covers. As we are about reach another seasonal transition, it begs the question, what’s the secret to his success?

And finally, here’s to a new attention seeking niche…

Big Fat Monster

Hand-made super-fat bike.

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep feeling fascination, yeah?

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