Kickstarter Round-Up 3

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It’s that time again, our weekly Kickstarter round-up with ‘in on Thursdays’ Luke. We looked at some extraordinary projects last week – – here are some more weird and wonderful ones on Kickstarter this week.



Halfbike by Kolelinia is a truly unbelievable piece of equipment. Looking at it you would imagine it being something that takes a certain amount of skill to ride but Kolelinia say Halfbike is “light, compact and simple.” To use the Halfbike, you simply stand up right and turn by leaning your body. Sounds simple, right? “Another unique part about Halfbike is how compact it is. It can fit into an elevator, it’s light enough to carry on stairs and fits into spaces too small for a normal size bike”.

It will change the way you view the city. No longer will you be boarding buses and trains and having to pay ridiculous prices for tickets. This will become your means of transport. A way to stay fit as well as saving money, what more could you ask for? This is exactly the type of project Kickstarter was made for and we’re sure this will prove extremely popular among adventurous types. Halfbike needs $80,000 before April 14th 2014. At the moment they have raised nearly $33,000. Not surprising, given how unique this project is. Here’s their hero video below 

Vega Edge 


Fed up of boring, traditional bike lights? Yeah, us too. However, Vega Edge have a project on Kickstarter at the moment that will certainly grab your attention. Made with laser-cut leather, the light snaps securely to your clothes using four strong magnets. Vega Edge has a thin strip of retro-reflective fabric integrated into the design for added visibility. Wear it at night while cycling, jogging, walking or even just to brighten up your outfit.

Vega Edge is available in two different shapes: Trapezoid and True. Both shapes are available in either black or brown leather and both have different colour lights to choose from. The project is in need of $32,000 before March 31st 2014. They have already raised $25,000 making this yet another popular product that Kickstarter have to offer.



It may just seem like a normal shelf to store yet more junk on, but to real cycling fans, this might be just the thing for a crowded house. Whether you’re someone who just doesn’t have anywhere to store your bike, or maybe you just like the idea of a bike hanging up by the saddle tip in your living room, reminiscent of a family photo on a fire place. A well-displayed classic bike in your living room for those ‘Oh, this old thing?’ after-dinner conversations.

It could even act as something to motivate you to create new memories. Shelfie could also be of some use when fixing your bike. By no means is it a work stand, but it can come in handy when changing your tyres or adjusting your brakes. The project needs $30,000 before May 11th 2014 and with a massive $23,458 already raised, there’s no doubt this project will be a successful one.

Bike Sunglass Holding Device 


“A device designed to hold your sunglasses and eye protection on your bike over the existing steerer tube spacer for easy reach.” A project in need of $10,000, and at the moment, has only raised $380. Worth the money? We’re not too sure. As for the catchy name of “The bike sunglass holding device”…

The key selling points for this product are as follows:

  • Easy to install over existing bike components
  • Sunglasses are held safely and securely
  • Easy access during riding
  • Faster triathlon swim to bike transitions
  • Positioned for minimal aerodynamic drag

With the primary target audience being mainly triathletes, it’s something that may not appeal to all cyclists. However, this is a project we would like you, the readers, to give us your opinion on. With the project deadline on April 13th 2014, this product is running out of time and in danger falling into the Kickstarter failure category.


Watch the video before dismissing the clunky looks

GoPro cameras are the latest must have for any sports enthusiast nowadays. Cyclists, climbers and surfers alike all love to review their performance. Whether it be competitive or just for fun. However, for many of you that have a GoPro camera, how many times have you got home, uploaded your footage, only to find it’s poor quality because the camera was too shaky? Well, Stubilizer plans on putting an end to this.

They are self-contained, need no technical knowledge to operate and can attach to anything you currently attach your GoPro camera to via a built in GoPro compatible mount. Stubilizer needs £50,000 before the close off date which is April 11th 2014.

As always we look back on a Kickstarter project that made it and one that failed to make the grade. Here are the two we’ve picked out this week. 

One That Made It

A Better Bicycle Bell – Spurcycle needed $20,000 for this project, did they achieve their goal? They more than achieved it, they smashed it. They raised nearly $332,000 for their reinvented bike bell. Designed to be effective in a busy and urban environment and look sexy at the same time, this project is certainly one of the most successful we’ve seen on Kickstarter. 

One That Didn’t Quite Make It 

Floaterhoist – Horizontal Bike Storage Hoist – Having raised just over $3,000 when it needed $10,000, it’s fair to say this project isn’t one of the most unsuccessful we’ve seen on Kickstarter. But, nevertheless, it did fail. Why? Well, it’s a ceiling mounted bicycle hoist. It doesn’t exactly sound appealing, or safe to be honest. Let us know what you think.

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  1. Bizarrely it’s the sunglasses holder that I want! I have lost ,crushed, mangled about 4 pairs a year by sticking them on the helmet, in the jersey pocket, in the pack chest straps to the extent I only use Aldi’s finest as I am going to lose them anyway.

  2. I have a free sunglass holder. Two ears and a nose

  3. shelfie for the win: the project is founded by Jürgen Beneke, former downhill pro and world cup winner 🙂

  4. I got my bell this week. It certainly has a great ping (unbelievable sustain, doesn’t go up to 11). Everyone in the office really loves it…

  5. Never quite understand such bike storage solutions. Does anyone really store their bike next to their sofa? Bikes get incredibly grubby, especially those used for urban riding/commuting. That wall and the floor will soon be the same.

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