Fresh Goods Friday 183

by 19

Your weekly instalment of lovely kit shwag, this week provided by the one and only Dan.

Salsa Spearfish 2

No fish were speared in the taking of this photo

Another short travel 29er this week, Salsa’s ultra endurance/24hour/bike packing full sus looking pretty nice in orange.

Best Head Badge Ever?


Price: £2699.99
From: Ison Distribution

Race Face Turbine 27.5 Wheelset

mmm wheelie good.
mmm wheelie good.


Moving onto some fresh wheels, Race Face XC/Trail aimed wheels offer a hardworking light weight wheel, 6061 aluminium

Price: £429
From: Silverfish

Sweet Protection Chikamin 3/4 Jersey and Hunter Enduro Shorts


With Spring here (well kind of) there’s been deliveries of fresh shorts and jerseys. Here we have Sweet Protections’ offerings of all mountain / trail shorts, baggy enough for pads. For that factory look and in your face pop there is the Chikamin 3/4 jersey.

Price: Jersey £64.99 Shorts £79.99
From: Sweet Protection

Sweet Protection Delirious Jacket

We don’t encourage such colour combos

Ready to keep those April downpours at bay, is this rather tasty looking 3 layer GORE-TEX Active jacket.

Price: £239.99
From: Sweet Protection

Scott Grenade Pro 2 Knee pads

Knee pads over jeans for that full trail centre look

Scott’s Grenade Pro 2 knee pads boast d30 padding in a neoprene cuff.

Price: £94.99
From: Scott Sports

Scott Vikos Jacket and Mind shorts

Includes a wee bag for your short liners.. er.. by ‘wee’ we mean small… ok?

Scott’s Vikos jacket is a minimalist, 3 layer DRYOsphere, hooded shell with it’s own stuff sac. Carrying on the Spring theme of colour are Scotts’ Mind loose fit shorts with a light weight durable fabric, they even come with their own little pouch of padded shorts.

Price: Jacket £180 Shorts £112.99
From: Scott Sports

Ibis Mojo HDR 650B

Ibis meets canal lock gate
Rulers are clearly banned in the Ibis design offices


Ready for issue 90’s bike test the Mojo HDR 650B features, you guessed it 27.5 wheels. With a dw-link driving 130mm of Fox float CTD, up front there’s Fox Float 34 CTD both with Kashima coating.

Arty head badge shot


Price: £2399.99 frame only
From: 2Pure

Singletrack Issue 88

A brew and a good read. Hell yeah.


Price: £5.95 (in shops) Half price for subscribers (Buy one for your mum)

From: Lots of Premier dealers and our own shop too.

Comments (19)

    That Salsa looks sweet!

    two gorgeous bikes this week.

    Have to disagree. That Salsa is minging!
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder an’ all that.

    IBIS head badge is better than the Salsa one!

    Luv The Salsa anyone want to buy £2399.99 Kidney only one owner !

    Hello, I would like to exchange one of my kidneys – or both should you require then – for the Spearfish please.

    £240 for a jacket! Can you wear each layer of Gore-Tex separately? 6 in 1 trumps a Regatta 3 in 1.

    I have an envelope, a stanley knife and a plastic bag. I will raise the offer to one kidney, a toe and a tonsil.

    I picked up the last medium 2013 Salsa Spearfish that Salsa had in the UK this week. The ano orange looks awesome on the 2014, still my painted single pivot was half that price 🙂

    I’d have been happy with my copy of issue 88 turning up!

    Who have you contacted about your missing issue?

    Spoke with Sarah, following the comments on the issue 88 thread. Sarah said wait till Monday and if still no show then contact again!

    That salsa. In large. Pleeeeease

    I’m with Roger, that Salsa looks like a home made lash up. Not for me thanks.

    Tubing looks a bit mangled on the spearfish, IS a nice colour tho so if the tubes are form following function, getting 29″ wheels and full sus into a compact frame, then I like it.

    Salsa does look a bit agricultural for the dosh.
    My £2000 ti mariachi frame (which is nice…..but how much?!?) came with a plastic head badge… hmmmph,as the mother in law says!
    I still love me old lazer cut allen bolted on SIR though.
    Proper joaaabbb.

    Oh Yeah, going to have to spend £6.00 on a replacement mag after my darling beloved son honked all over it (I think he’d just read the rediculously biased & ill informed van review).
    Really STW vw transporter…NO…. can’t believe that!?!
    Open your wallet and say after me ” No I’ll pay for the half shafts even if it is in warranty”
    Oh yes the Sportline should, but doesn’t come with dental insurance & rubber gloves.
    Plenty of better vans out there for nearly half the price with better, comfort, equipment warranty & support.
    Wake up, it’s not a surfin T1

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