Fresh Goods Friday 182

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Here’s this week’s helping of all the fresh product that’s found its way to Singletrack Towers this week…

Giant Anthem X

Used patina – bike tester’s own


Firstly, we have this rather tasty Giant Anthem X. Showing just what you can get for under two grand these days. This is a fast all-day ride/race bike with Giant’s acclaimed Maestro suspension and those big wheels.

Price: £1999

From: Giant UK Dealers


One Up Components 40T sprocket


Coming in SRAM or Shimano style, by simply swapping the cog spacer, and allows riders to try out that mega-low gear that makes 1×10 setups possible for those who live where there are hills. You simply drop an existing sprocket (Oneup suggests losing the 17T) and then just ride as normal.

Price: CAD$90

From: One Up


Gore Bike Wear Women’s Spring/Summer wear


That’s actually white – under the office interrogation lights
And this is day-glo!


New for 2014 is the white and blue top above. It features a super thin Windstopper material to allow it to be worn with or without arm warmers on those in-between spring days when it’s still too cold for Lycra and not cold enough for a jacket. It’s called the Oxygen SO Lady. There’s also the Visibility AS Lady Vest (who makes these names up?) for, well, visibility.

From: Gore Bike Wear

Clover the Poodle


Not actually that new – or even every fresh, Clover is nevertheless lying on a new mat that she would like known isn’t big or squishy enough for her.

Syncros Matchbox Tool

The Syncros Matchbox range has tools with six (pictured) up to 16 different functions, all in tough resin cases.

Price: £12.99

From: Bike shops everywhere.


Price: Around US$30


Magura eLECT system

Simple as that – drop in the new damping circuit, charge by USB and you’re ready!

Available to retrofit to ANY Magura fork made after 2010, the eLECT system offers an electronic ‘brain’ for your fork. It can sense bumps and lock and unlock the fork automatically – plus there’s a wireless remote to let you lock it out for sprints and climbs and release it for extra squish. We’re looking forward to giving it a go.

From: Magura –

Suunto M5 Heart Monitor


Suunto M5 heart rate monitor with dual comfort belt. With a simple and apparently intuitive interface, the M5 measures heart rate and tells the time. It provides detailed analysis and feedback, such as calorie consumption and intensity guidance, both during and after exercise. It’s nice and small too – and can happily be worn as a timepiece.


Price: £100 for watch unit.


Comments (10)

    I’ve not long bought myself an Anthem X 29er so will be intrigued to see what you guys think of it. I added a dropper post and think its pretty much the complete all rider now!

    Note to Gore: ladies Windstopper jersey looks great apart from it being mainly white. Some of us ladies do sweat so it would get ruined in no time.

    That’s very cool that Magura are doing a retrofit like that. What’s it cost?

    649 euros according to the website.

    “try out that mega-low gear that makes 1×10 setups possible for those who live where there are hills”
    Its not that low though is it?
    With a 32t chainring as a solo ring, to go as low as a conventional/old skool 22t granny and 34t out back you’d need a 49.45*tooth out back
    [with a 30t up front, you’d need a 46.36*T out back]
    *obviously this isn’t possible but you get the idea

    James – most run a double these days, which is 26/38 or 28/40 – with a 11-36 thats a top end of 0.72 or 0.77. A 32t x 11-42t gives you 0.77 – so it’s pretty low gearing for a single ring up front.

    I’ve been running this since January, and it’s more than enough for steep’ish Scottish climbs.

    @James, ironically this is OneUp’s less wide range option, they already do a 42T to get a still-lower gear. This one’s just to give more options.

    Cinnamon_girl – comes in other colours too. White shows your tan off better though. And if it’s cold enough for Windstopper, you won’t be sweating anyway 🙂

    @Rickon; “most run a double these days, 26/38 or 28/40” most who? riders? … care to put that to a vote in the polls? I’d be very surprised if it turns out to be true, certainly isn’t where I live

    I help run a club where I live and I think I’m the only one who even owns such a crank. While I do have a double like that (i think it’s 28/38) which I tried on my FS bike with 36 out back but I found it too high, it’s now on my “race” bike (not that I race) and good for short blasts but for anything more than a couple of hours with anything lumpy in the way I still go back to having a 22×34 winching gear available. It is certain that I personally couldn’t ride round scotland without it. It’s ofc possible that I’m just a slouch but I think it’s more likely that I am the mainstream and you are in some rarefied group of guys who should really just be dispensing with ratios altogether and humping it singlespeed. or maybe I just need to train more…

    oh, and those fix-it-sticks look tasty

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