Fat little kids’ bike from Wal*Mart

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There’s a childhood obesity joke in here somewhere

But can it jump sharks?
But can it jump sharks?

Sporting what may be the highest width-to-diameter ratio this side of Hanebrink’s X1, the Mongoose’s Massif (get it?) may be the first-ever kids’ fatbike.  Built around 20x4in tyres, disc brakes, and even training wheels, the $200 (£120) model reflects either the democratisation of fatbikes… or serves as advance notice of the death of the chubby rubber trend.

Some assembly required
Some assembly required

Sold in the US by retail behemoth Wal*Mart, the youth model sports a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain and twist shifters.  The “aluminum/steel” frame spec raises more questions than it answers, however, and while a weight is not listed, the tyres and rims alone could make the Massif a lot for young’uns to handle.  Still, it does look like bouncy, forgiving fun.  More from walmart.com below:

Does Not Contain a Battery
Does Not Contain a Battery
The Mongoose Massif has huge 4-inch wide tires that are impossible to miss, letting this bike roll over all sorts of obstacles. Twist shifters allow the rider to change gears quickly and easily through seven speeds assisted by a Shimano rear derailleur. Disc brakes bring the massive tires to a stop quickly and effectively in any riding conditions. Get out and explore on a true all-terrain bike!

20″ Mongoose Boys’ Massif, Black/Yellow:

  • Frame: aluminum/steel
  • Gearing: 7 speeds with Shimano rear derailleur for all types of riding
  • Brakes: dual disc brakes provide all-condition braking
  • Wheels: training wheels for added stability
  • Tires: super-sized 20″ x 4″ tires
  • Rims: alloy 4″ wide rims for lightweight durability
  • Twist shifters change gears easily
  • 3-piece crank provides added durability
  • Some assembly required
  • Dimensions: 56″L x 27″W x 38″H

walmart.com via gearjunkie.

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    Think it just demonstrates that little kits are just as likely as big kids to look at fat tyres and think “Coooooool”

    Yeah, those tyres look like they could cope with fat little kids…

    Could this progress to fat BMX’s? That would be totes amazeballs!

    Everyday sexism alert! Boys bike, what makes it a boy’s bike?

    Maybe boys are only strong enough to lift it if it falls on them. How much does it weigh?

    It’s £170 once HMRC apply their slice. Looks ace though.

    That is ace. For the sort of riding I did as a nipper, fat makes a lot of sense really, that “let’s ride over anything” feeling.

    I am lovin that, almost makes me want a son to go for a blast with down the beach!

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