Essax introduces unique finned saddle

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Design said to increase comfort

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Could Essax be the only way?

As reported in BikeBiz and elsewhere, the Essax Shark is the most unique saddle design we’ve seen since last month’s spin on the Infinity Seat.  Billed as “The necessary evolution of the saddle,” the Shark’s distinguishing feature is – as you likely will have noticed – the fin from which it takes its name.

Designed to provide the rider with feedback on their saddle position, the Shark fin is said to help ensure that pelvises are correctly positioned, spreading pressure more evenly between the sitz bones.  What the Spanish company seems to be saying is that the fin will be unpleasant when the rider is improperly located- but unnoticeable when seated as intended.

Comfortable... when used properly
Comfortable… when used properly

By sitting more squarely on the saddle, Essax and fitting specialists claim to reduce rocking and better align the knees while riding.  As its design relies on positioning rather than extra padding for comfort, the Shark comes in at a very competitive 210g.  Already on sale in Spain at €80-90 (£66-74), the Shark is said to be suitable for both mountain and road applications (though not for Triathlon).  Interestingly, the Shark different enough to merit UCI review before competition use is approved.  Essax is currently distributed in the UK by Cycling Components.

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