Commencal Meta HT SX: “26er forever!”

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With short wings and a nasty temper to boot…

Commencal go back to the basics
“Because we believe in it and we like it!”

“Wheel size, geometry, suspension system, everything varies and multiplies; in the end, it’s a real mess.”

Perhaps in response to last week’s nice, normal hardtail, Commencal has been in touch with news about their latest release.  Filled to bursting with interesting translations and non sequiturs, the press release and website have plenty to keep the reader entertained.  Behind the interesting copy the bike itself is pretty compelling: a mid-priced, laid-back hardtail built for having fun on.  And it’s hot pink.

“A very unique bike, with a lot of character and style,” the 6066 aluminum Meta HT SX is built around 26in wheels (and the short, 420mm chainstays those allow).  Shipping direct for 999€ (£835) with a 140mm XFusion Velvet RL suspension fork, Tektro discs, and a 1×9 SRAM X5 drivetrain, the bike is meant to be an entry point for newer riders or a playful addition for more experienced cyclists.  To that end, the fork is raked out to 66.5° and the bottom bracket sits low: 30mm below the already-low 26in wheels’ axles.

"Put some fun into it"
“We call it ‘happy bike.'”


We believe that the “short wings” of the title refers to the chainstays and can’t argue with the company’s claim that they’ve “put some fun into it, according to ’26 for ever.'”  Erm, yes.  While the syntax could use a bit of massaging, it’s hard not to admire Commencal’s enthusiasm- and hard not to want to give the newest Meta a go.

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    can’t help but think it’s an ally “BFe/TransAM/456”. It’s not revolution or even evolution, but a well executed “proper MTB”.

    It’s a lot slacker than those tbh, and that’s a pretty low BB to boot. More in the Ragley mould. Should be fun, would like a go.

    I must say I like that, I like that a lot. I’ve been thinking of a hooligan HT for a while now, but haven’t found an off the peg bike, with a spec I like, but can’t really justify the expense of a build. The Meta HT looks to be about right for what I want, with the exception of the brakes. Commençal I salute your reading of my mind. Plus it’s PINK.

    Is this a progression from the Ramones one they did a couple of years ago?

    I quite fancied the steel version of that and this looks a lot of fun too.

    Bright pink 26er? A bike I’d be glad to ride. 🙂

    Really loving that bike!

    Top job Commie – all the more fitting is that when I got back mtbing a few years ago and my aging Gary Fisher Supercal died of a broken head tube, it was a Commie Normal* (picked up in the Merlin sale) that got me riding seriously again!

    *hence the username!

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