Magura go electro, say hello to eLect

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Is the whole world going electric?

We’ve already seen SRAM’s e:i on Lapierre bikes, and we reckon electric shifting is just around the corner; here’s Magura’s step into the electro arena, the eLect compression damping and lockout system.

I wanna be eLected...
I wanna be eLected…

Available as either an upgrade for existing forks from 2010 onwards or as an option on current TS8 or TS6 forks; eLect uses a 3D’s worth of accelerometers to work out angulation and motion so it can adjust or lock out your front suspension setting to suit current terrain and speed. There’s also free fall detection to prepare the fork for jumps and drop-offs.

Dinky electro magic
Dinky electro magic

The unit itself is fairly compact and weighs in at under 100g including the wireless remote, that’s lighter than DLO2. Fitting is a simple case of unscrewing your existing damper and dropping in the eLect. Proper simples.

You've got power
You’ve got power

The elect is chargeable via a weatherproofed, but easily accessible micro usb socket and will run for either 40 hours in automatic or 60 hours in manual. Should you run out of power the fork defaults to open setting ensuring you’ve still got active suspension to finish off your ride.

Just like Arnie's eye
Just like Arnie’s eye

So saddle up, flip your power switch to on and you’re ready to hit the trails with what should be a fairly adaptable and quick (0.2 of a second) reacting fork set up.

We’re just awaiting a test fork equipped with eLect so we can see how it measures up in the real world.

Easily turned on
Easily turned on


Here’s word straight from the horse’s mouth…

and the pretty video advert.

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    £10 says you forget to turn it off after your ride……. 😉

    Off for a bike ride, just need to charge up my lights, phone, gps, helmetcam, shifters, dropper seatpost, and suspension fork (and remote controls). I’ll be leaving in 5 hours…

    Keep it simple, stooooopid 😉

    “Keep it simple, stooooopid”, says the man who makes a living servicing shocks that have progressed beyond the ken of the home fettler.

    Would it not be better if it used the suspension motion to recharge itself?

    “says the man who makes a living servicing shocks that have progressed beyond the ken of the home fettler.”

    Yes but there is a performance benefit from that technology, electronics are of limited value and just add unnecessary complication to what is really a quite simple vehicle.
    I dislike cable remotes as well as they can have reliabilty issues too 😉

    Don’t mind me, LoCo. Reluctant tech adopter here.

    “electronics are of limited value and just add unnecessary complication to what is really a quite simple vehicle.”

    Bold statement!

    If you rewind 25 years the same was being said of suspension on bikes. This might be the start of the revolution.

    Looks good, am interested to see how they take off. But one thing – the manual mode should always be completely 100% manual – otherwise, don’t call it manual!

    I know it was a few years ago (Moore’s Law etc), but the electric lockout on my carbon Lefty was awesome as a talking point pre-ride with your mats but nothing but a mostly-broken pain in the arse the rest of the time.

    I’m sceptical…

    “electronics are of limited value and just add unnecessary complication” such as the internet, phones, traction control, 3D printers, iron lungs etc.

    To be honest, I do agree though. As an Elite racer I am currently in the process if finding Britain’s tallest tower block from which I will promptly throw my Sid Brain forks.

    Good day.

    That’s in reference to bicycles, not suggesting Iron lung etc are uneccessary 😉

    I think that’s quite a good idea, forks always working optimally regardless of what you’re doing, fit and (hopefully) forget to current forks.

    Not really sure what the remote is for tho, a switch in the crown would do, and reduce clutter.

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