Issue 87 Premier Exclusive.

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We Work Here: Keep Pedalling.

City commuter? Weekend adventurer? Either way, you’ll have heard of Keep Pedalling – the independent Manchester bike shop with some diverse and strong ideas. Issue 87’s Premier Exclusive takes our regular We Work Here feature for a peek behind the counter…

Pictures by Steve Makin, words by Steve and Keep Pedalling.

Keep Pedalling is one of the small but distinct band of independent cycle retailers who have distinguished themselves by launching into business in the middle of the recession and – despite the obvious challenges posed by the failing economic climate – experienced significant success.

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Thanks to Steve, Rich, Shona, Sylwia and Olive.


Comments (2)

    I met Rich & Shona at the weekend, went over to Keep Pedaling to pick up some Surly cranks for my Fatbike! Really lovely people, very knowledgeable and very helpful indeed.

    My daughter went to the shop after some horrendous sexist treatment by a couple of bike stores over in Yorkshire, Rich and Shona were brilliant, understanding, insightful on travelling and equipment, thought provoking about what was really required, patient and just blinking marvellous. In all a real contrast in approach. My daughter introduced me to the shop and I confess to getting most of my christmas presents there for me and mine. recommended

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