Film provides window to dawn of mountain biking

by Marc Basiliere 9

Kelly, Fisher, and friends at third Repack race..

“It’s been estimated that there are no more than a couple of hundred klunkers in all of Northern California.”

This vintage Evening Magazine segment from San Francisco television KPIX offers viewers -a glimpse into the (then) infant sport of klunking– or mountain biking as it’s now known.  Filmed at the third annual Repack downhill race, the video is a bit grainy- but the footage features several mountain bike pioneers and is worth every one of its six and one-half minutes.
Klunking Video water

Klunking is best away from the cops, the cars, and the concrete.”

While Repack is remembered as one of the first organised downhill events, complete with the expected speed and spills, there is also a nod to Singletrack-style epics, noting that many klunkers prefer exploring northern California’s little-used dirt roads and trails while enjoying nature.  The upbeat tone of the coverage, cobbled-together bikes, interesting outfits, and interviews with some very young mountain bike luminaries are fantastic.

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  1. Nonsense the dawn of mountain biking happened in the woods behind Bookham station about 1977. And elsewhere.

  2. The handlebar widths are pretty on-trend 🙂
    “So, Gary Fisher, they call you ‘The Fish’ – why is that?” – duh!

  3. Whoooh check out the reporter’s cravat, pure Ron Burgundy.

  4. A true reporter can insert quotation marks in speech. “… and this is called a “Switch back”…” Amazing.

  5. well, I think this may well be one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

  6. Think The Fish may have been onto something there… 😉

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