Fresh Goods Friday 175

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It’s Friday, again.  So in a groundhog day sort of way let’s peruse the Fresh Goods that have dropped at ST Towers this week…

Mondraker Foxy XR

Mmmm Foxy
Mmmm Foxy

Jorji’s decided to get her enduro on with the Foxy XR, a 140mm travel ‘Zero Suspension System’ bike for everything according to Mondraker.  It’s got a Race Face/Sram X7/X9 drivetrain and Formula T1 180mm stoppers.


Up front the forward geometry, 10mm stem and Fox 34 help get your gnar on and Maxxis Ardents give a grippy but fast rolling ride.

Check out those linkages
Check out those linkages


Price: £3199.00

Form: Silverfish

The Ride Journal 8

Smell the quality
Smell the quality

Filled with a head load of beautiful words, Issue 8 of the Ride Journal is available to order.

Price: £10.50

From: The Ride Journal

Embers Winter Quarter

Socks appeal
Socks appeal

Socks. Everyone needs socks yeah? And merino socks give that little bit more comfort and warmth when you’re getting your gruel on in the depth of winter.

Price: £22 for three

From: Embers Merino

Bahco Laplander and Hultaförs 800g Axe

Bring it on
Bring it on

Dave’s either tooling up for the oncoming zombie apocalypse (remember kids: Rule One is good cardio) or there’s going to be some subtle trail tweaking going on.

Price: Less for good running trails.

From: All good axe shops

Bluegrass Red Wolf Glove

Sweet (g)loving
Sweet (g)loving

Yellow is the internationally accepted enduro colour of fast for 2014 we reckon. Dave’s going to be sporting these Red Wolves and loving the minimalist design.

Price: £24.99

From: Bluegrass

Buff Bandana Pro

Thom Yorke's let himself go...
Thom Yorke’s let himself go…

Gore Windstopper winter protection for the bank robber or winter rider in your life.

Price: TBC

From: Buff

Shand T Shirt


A T with a message from the Scottish purveyors of sweet hand built goodness.

Price: £15.00

Shand Cycling Cap

Lock up your daughters
Lock up your daughters

A cotton Rothera made cycling cap to tuck under yer helmet or combine with a roll upend tats for the courier look.

Price: £18.00

Both From: Shand Cycles

That’s it for this week. We’re off out to slay it man, and top off our ride with a round of the high fümpfs ja? Cos we’re all about the international melting pot of MTB terminology.



Comments (31)

    is i just me or do manufactureres make these bikes to ride in the uk the mondraker looks like a mud trap around the shock.

    i can recommend the Bahco Laplander great tool for trimming back surprisingly large branches on the trail (and my over grown magnolia tree!)

    did someone crash that bike already?

    Never really sure about a frame that sticks the shock right next to the back wheel. Shirley it’s only a matter of time before the piston gets damaged and air leaks occur?

    The Mondraker isn’t the prettiest, but that stack of stem spacers put it in the realms of fugly.

    Bandito: The bike’s steerer comes stock at a long length due to the stem design – in that, to lower the stem you must chop down the steerer. This is as delivered and the stem will slowly be lowered to the correct height for the tester. Remember, measure twice, cut once! 🙂

    Chris db: It is only a matter of time before it is exposed to damage.. And stop calling me Shirley!

    Pernickety detail alert: If we are reducing carbon, ought we not ride iron?

    The 90s called – they want their zero reach stem back. Looks hideous!

    i figured as much Chipps.
    All for trying out new ideas, but shockingly, this means a bike company is putting function before form. Amazing behaviour!

    Stems that short really need to be banned, it looks utterly ridiculous!

    That Foxy is hideous.

    I don’t like the stem (reminds me of that Azonic thing from the 90’s) or the hump on the top tube. Shock seems in a daft place too.

    If you want to be really pernickety mtbfix then we make steel by adding carbon to iron therefore creating steel reduces atmospheric carbon (providing you ignore all the coke / gas / oil you burnt to heat it all up which would far outweigh the amount of carbon in the steel).

    Photos do not do those foxy’s justice in the flesh they’re a lot nicer.

    mindmap3. Azonic hammer. Got one as a paperweight on my desk…

    xc-steve knows it, does look better in the flesh, especially now the steerer is cut. As for the no stem, don’t knock it till you’ve tried far, so FUN. Mud trapping though – time will tell..

    Silky saws are the best I’ve used. How does the Bahco compare?

    Hatchets – never seen the need when pruning trails but a good bush / brush / brash / bill hook can achieve wonders.

    The foxy looks good! Ok, it takes a bit of getting used to seeing a stem that short but hey, shorts better than long! (so far as stems are concerned anyway!). It looks like it will ride well as you can see its slack and long, don’t know how short they chain stays are but if they’re short enough between them and the short stem the bike should remain agile enough. After all that’s why the stem is short, to accommodate the long reach.

    The bars look very high and the kink in the top-tube very ugly. Otherwise it looks ideal Enduro racing.

    50 odd articles and some stunning photos – you will love the ride issue 8 🙂

    My eyes! My beautiful eyes!

    *vomits faeces*

    ‘Foxy’ is an oxymoron surely. Had a Cube Stereo for three years with the shock in an apparently similarly stupid place and never had a problem; even caking it with the granite grit off Dartmoor.

    i’ve seen brakes low for the whole “elbows up” look but someone is going straight over the bars on that mondraker. hopefully its filmed.

    That Foxy looks like it’s designed to be ridden backwards in a circus…

    Looks the slaw jawed, inbred, ugly as sin distant cousin of a Mojo to me.

    That Mondraker looks cheap, nasty and the front-end looks just looks awkward – I’m sure if rides we’ll but would I buy one…

    Wow! I’m with you zaffer, those leavers are set up, no down, way to low. I would definitely change the bar as there appears to be way to much upsweep. I’m still tying to keep an open mind on the foxy though.
    Could open a new thread on people who have there leavers really low. I see it as being similar to driving a car with one hand on the middle of the wheel, you might think you look good but you don’t have much control! Rant over.

    The Mondraker looks like an A-Level project gone wrong!

    Foxy my arse, complete abortion

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