Fresh Goods Friday 174

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This week coming belatedly to you from the damp car park of Chester Services. Here’s this week’s Fresh Goods Friday…

Yeti SB66c

Just arrived for the next bike group test, Yeti’s carbon framed 26in wheeled SB66c. If you need to ask how much, you probably can’t afford it.

OK, if you must know, we’ll tell you in a bit…

Old skool wheels for the win
Old skool wheels for the win

It’s quite lovely.

You can't beat a nice headbadge
You can’t beat a nice headbadge

Price:  £5383

From: Silverfish

Renthal Duo Stem

When short and stubby is good
When short and stubby is good

40mm of short and stubby stem improvement courtesy of the lovely folk at Renthal.

Price: £79.99

From: Renthal

POC Trabec

Get your POC on
Get your POC on

Like a helmet rainbow, here’s a trio of POC helmets. Nothing says enduro like a Trabec yeah?

Price: £140.00

From: 2 Pure

Evoc World Traveller

He's leaving home...
He’s leaving home…

All the packing space (125l) you need for that snowsports or bike trip to escape the UK winter grim. Dave’s planning some trips with this particular wheelie bag.

Price: £199.95

From: Silverfish

Bluegrass Goldeneye helmet

Like Bond
Like Bond

Here’s the Bluegrass Goldeneye, it’s an enduro styled helmet in a proper bo yellow (not the Coldplay one tho).

Price: £99.99

From: Bluegrass

Uncle Dick’s Bead Slip

Ooh Matron!
Ooh Matron!

It’s the double entendre madness product. Slippy rims? Tight rubber? Go on, make your own up; you know you want to…

Price: $19.99

From: Uncle Dick

That’s it for this week, we’re off out for a ride /going to grow gills/have a paddle on the local trails. See you Monday.

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    Thanks, however me Chakras are all out of alignment now. Don’t let it happen again


    Blimey £19.99 for 70ml of tyre lube! You can buy a 1000ml tub of GP1 from On one for £4. That’ll last a lifetime.


    Sorry, I got that wrong. It’s £2.99 from On one.

    £5.4k on a bike? And the best colour they can come up with is black?

    Oh renthal please, not shorter, longer! 60mm, 70mm, Like yesterday!

    SN66c is, I believe, the best looking full bouncer ever made. I love it. Would prefer a 27.5 though.

    SB66. Sorry for the typo.

    I’m curious about the picture of the Pope.

    Het Sandwich maybe he’s a secret bike fanatic!

    Also the 66 is about to be discontinued..

    So seems strange to get one in to test?

    @sandwich yes, but which one is it, they all look the same to me…

    Nice helmets, Bluegrass.

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