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P1030143 The Ecozoom Versa is a very solidly built stove that’ll be ideal for camping trips or race weekends. It’s designed to burn wood, charcoal and other biomass very efficiently thanks to it’s ceramic insulation and will happily double up the stove’s cooking role with a pretty sweet camp focus for those all essential late night beer and chat sessions.

Firing up the stove couldn’t be easier thanks to a sturdy loading door which allows a decent mix of starter fuel and more solid longer burning chunks to be built right onto the internal grate. Once lit it’s simple to control the rate of burn via the lower damper door which quickly heats the body of the stove to a level where cooking or boiling water is possible.Thanks to the Versa’s ceramic insulation that heat is held well and once going the stove needs little in the way of extra fuel to keep hot.

The metal construction of the stove obviously adds up to a fairly weighty bit of kit (12kg), think of it as a van or car camping accessory, but it also means the Versa is going to be a long lasting addition to your camp set up.

Overall: A sturdy and solidly built multi fuel camp stove that’s well worth considering for fuel efficient cooking and race weekend camp fire comfort.

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(Ignore our open loading door, wet wood needed a bit more help.)

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Brand: Ecozoom
Product: Versa
From: Ecozoom UK via Amazon
Price: £116
Tested: by Dave for 2 Months

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