At Hope, purple is the new pink

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’90s mountain bikers everywhere thrilled.

Ooh, that's nice
Ooh, that’s nice

While pics and rumours have been floating around for some time – and forum response overwhelmingly positive – Hope France and Germany have officially announced the replacement of pink in their line with this lovely shade of anodised violet.  Those of us who remember the mid-90s are already salivating at the opportunity to purchase purple hubs with disc mounts, external bottom brackets, and stems shorter than 120mm.  No word on availability yet.

New for 2014 – Purple is Back!!!

An obvious choice to replace the Pink for the coming year due to the number of requests from our customers.

The Purple range will consist of Pro 2 Evo Hubs, Stems, F20 pedals, Wheels, Bottom Brackets and all Tech 3 Brakes.

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    2 years time I bet we see turquoise. Can’t think why

    Shame it has to replace the pink

    only just gone red. bastardos.

    “Those of us who remember the mid-90s are already salivating”

    While others who remember the mid-90s are shaking their heads in sadness.

    They would match my 90s Saracen Rufftrax!

    Hmmm purple

    Damn, I want these!

    Now to decide what colour frame to pair them with for maximum offensiveness!

    Return of my Troll Jesters flouro nightmare…

    Didn’t PAUL Components do this about 4 months ago?

    Oh God. We’ll all be fitting Flexstems and wearing Bula next…

    My rule: if you can remember the fashion from the first time it emerged, you’re too old to wear it now.

    Would all look lovely on my 1993 anodized purple Zaskar. Can’t afford ot change hubs, stem, BB (wot no headset?) just now though so I urge some of you out there to buy some now and then sell it to me cheap on here when it goes out of fashion and you change colours again.

    Ideally, I reckon you want a more neutral frame colour, like a white Yeti or Roberts, or a polished Zaskar and then adorn it with the purple. Mmmm!

    titanium hardtail, innit.

    Been looking around for a few days to check availability on this stuff since seeing it on the Hope FB page, need to bring forward my planned colour change on my current frame before I can whack purple hubs on it though!!!

    I’ve got a pair of original purple anodized bottle cage bolts which were on my ’91 Zaskar. They have been fitted to most of my bike since then as a little way of saying ‘I was there’. Those hubs…..

    haha – I’ve been doing the same with my old Ti bottle cage bolts from 23 years ago (and back on my Dyna Tech Ogre Ti frame renewed as a singlespeed commuter)…

    found some matching onza chill pills (in purple) while clearing out the shed the other day…


    The 90’s happened get over it. New era in styling going on here. Put this together with some “sick” frame and component colours and, er, I mentioned vomit didnt I?

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