SIGNATURES: The Ore Mountains enduro

by Dave Anderson 1

SIGNATURES: The Ore Mountains enduro

The shooting of the bike movie Signatures is on hold due to the upcoming winter season. Meanwhile, we are working hard on the editing, so that in Spring everything will be ready. To make all that waiting a little bit easier for you, we are releasing some photos and a short video from the shooting in the Ore Mountains, where we spent the last sunny days of autumn.


Tomáš Slavík and Johannes Fischbach enjoyed riding together in the Czech-German border region. After two years, these two ex-rivals from the fourcross tracks have met again to compete. This time, they have exchanged their race machines for enduro Ghost RIOT bikes and went riding on the trails surrounding the Klínovec mountain, Nové Hamry town and the German Rabenberg mountain.


The Ore Mountains are beautiful, even more in autumn. To spend 6 days shooting, have the perfect weather and awesome riders… we couldn’t possibly wish for more.  / Photo: Jan Kasl


Johannes was real close behind Tomas… / Photo: Jan Kasl


…and Tomas rewarded him with a decent dose of mud (especially in the face).  / Photo: Jan Kasl


Throughout the 19th century, industry and mining were big in the Ore Mountains region. You can find many relics of those times here, like this old lime factory.  / Photo: Jan Kasl


At one point there were 10 of us, both riders and the film crew. A corresponding number of cars was needed to fit in all the people and gear. / Photo: Pavel Vigh


We have even found a few magical places, just like this church in the Kalek village. / Photo: Jan Kasl


Or König’s Mill, an abandoned settlement. / Photo: Jan Kasl


And once again, Tomáš Slavík on a transfer in the middle of an abandoned village.  / Photo: Jan Kasl


Honza Kasl and Vrbič in action… no further comment necessary…  / Photo: Pavel Vigh


The day before last, we were rewarded by this amazing sunset. And Tomas posed for us. / Photo: Jan Kasl

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