Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Singletrack

by Dave Anderson 8



Don’t forget to ride amidst the sea of beige food, drink and celebrations.

Love Everyone at Singletrack xxx

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  1. No expense spent on that was there?


    Happy new pants and socks day to you all too xxx

  2. Muddy Cyclocrossmas to you all, have a good one, see some of you at Tod Cross #lovecobbles.

  3. That took Grace so long to design that we reckon it would have been quicker for her to actually knit it herself. 🙂
    I’d better start wrapping some presents.

  4. A very merry Xmas to you all at Singletrack too, and trust 2014 will be just as successful as this year!

  5. All the best guys, enjoy the break, see you in 2014!

  6. Seasons Greetings one and all! Ho Ho Ho!!!!

  7. Happy Christmas STW and all who work in her!

  8. And merry Christmas to you too…is it just my imagination that the leftmost peak appears to be giving me the finger?

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