Festive Goods Friday – Episode 2

by Mark Alker 17

They said we couldn’t do another one.

But we did it.

They said, ‘No! You morons! It wasn’t a challenge! You CAN’T do any more… ok? Jeez!’

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  1. “…that’s cheaper than the diesel you’ll be drinking out of it…”

  2. Love the cast-cam 🙂

  3. Did I actually press play? Please tell me I didn’t…

  4. what size are the chainring’s on the clock ?

  5. Superb. Nice photo behind Chipps!

  6. Where can I get this ‘Singkletrack’ merchandise from 🙂
    I assume this will be in the running for a bafta….

  7. .. cresting on up, this has nowhere near peaked yet … still 2 more Fridays to Xmas. Loving it.

  8. Well, that was all kinds of awkward… but strangely captivating…

  9. Very informative once again gents can’t waiiiiit f oo rrrrr t h e n e zzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. Please don’t do another one, I would rather wash my bike in pure washing up liquid than watch another mindless episode of such dribble! It takes the meaning of crap to a whole new level.

  11. So good I bought a t-shirt 🙂 Loving these, it’s my friday chuckle.

  12. damn it….i laughed out loud.

  13. that blonde piece with the broken wing is hot, is she single?

  14. This is good.No really. I want more of my subscription pounds paying for this. Unless of cause you can send me some cheese instead.

  15. Apparently the share price in QVC just dropped 20p on release of this review.

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