Cédric Gracia’s crash at La Réunion Island

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It’s always seems to be the flat and slow speed stuff that causes the injuries.

Here’s Cédric Gracia giving a lesson in why a bit of basic first aid knowledge is a very good thing, it may just save someone’s life…

This helmet cam sequence about Cédric crash at La Réunion Island may be shocking for the more sensitives of us. Indeed, Cédric’s life was  held by a thread due to a femoral bleeding.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

BLOODY CG – Bleeding crash at La Réunion island from Cedric GRACIA on Vimeo.

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    Everyone should know some basic first aid. This proves why

    Scary stuff, especially as it was a relatively minor looking tumble.

    Good job his mates had their finger on the pulse

    Unbelievably shocking. Scary stuff.

    I did the same thing in Wildboarclough in the Peaks back in 2007. Simple tumble like garcia (I was racing my mate and acting like a tit), landed on handlebar end/brake lever, through shorts and pants opening up my groin. Thought I’d pee’d myself but my hand went into a big hole and came out covered in blood.
    Over 20 members of Buxton mountain rescue came to get me and I was helicoptered to hospital and thankfully all sorted. Got married the following year and asked only for donations to them and raised >£2500.
    In the end I’d only got a vein, an artery is a life ender potentially as the vid shows. Will never forget the look of anguish on John’s face as he kept saying ‘stay with me’ with his hand pressing on my groin as I felt colder and just wanted to sleep.
    Ridiculous thing is I’m a doctor and had no first aid kit. Now I carry one all the time. Once bitten…..

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