Throwback Thursday – Superenduro Italia

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Throwback Thursday this week comes from Issue 57; Greg Herbold gets to grips with the new Superenduro series…

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SuperEnduroing in Italy

Words by HBALL

Photos by Simon Cittati

Greg ‘HBall’ Herbold decided that his one day off from an Italian product presentation camp should be spent racing – super enduro style.

(The text, meanwhile, has been left in the original hyper-enduro, HBall American…)

We were given a 36 hour leave from SRAM European Ride camp to compete in a mountain bike Enduro race, the final of the Superenduro series, in the Italian Riviera town of Finale Ligure. Euro ride camp is a difficult event, with over 35 bike companies coming to Italy to test-ride and explore the vast amount of components that SRAM now offers. Oh yeah, and each customer gets to discuss their bike business, eat, drink, joke, and play Foosball with the SRAM Team. It is an awesome job, but wears you out after 14 days. It would be nice to leave camp… but to do an Enduro race on our only rest day? Hell yeah!

Finale is a super cool town on the Mediterranean Sea, where the Alps literally plunge directly downward into the depths of the salty Med. Beach and mountains… but without a three-hour smoggy car ride between the two, more like a four minute bike trek. We had negotiated the use of a Euro SRAM van, and looked and loaded like a bunch of stoned surfers, we pushed through the endless string of amazing tunnels chiseled between the sea and the rugged marble mines of the lower Alps.

Two things make for a good road trip; good food and good music. We had at least one of these, that being the best Euro invention since the quick release; AUTOGRILL. Stopping mid-journey the AUTOGRILL provides the best of every fast food chain, with a deli, high school cafeteria, coffee bar, real bar, and a pile of assorted chocolate treats higher than your head. Totally fueled we just needed music. The glove compartment of the German SRAM Van revealed a CD of ‘Euro one-hit wonders’. With exception of one French hip-hop tune, that CD really, really, really sucked.

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Special Thanks to;

SRAM Europe for the use of the van

Simon for babysitting us in Finale

Hotel Medusa for the plush rooms

Enrico and all the staff of the Super Enduro series.


For more information on Superenduro check out – there are races throughout the year, culminating in the Finale round in October.

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  1. My god is that Italian chick wearing Welles? Those birds are so classy they can pull off any look. ;0)

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