Skyde unleashes Titanium fat bike

by Marc Basiliere 5

Fat-bottomed bikes make the riding world go ’round

That sure is a large rear end.
Nice curves…

Based in Périgueux, consumer-direct brand Skyde has just sent the details on their new (as-yet unnamed) titanium fat bike.  Welded of double-butted 3/2.5 Ti in Taiwan, the tubing is chosen, frames are designed, and details ironed out in France.  At least in pictures, Skyde seems to have pulled together a well thought-out frame with some nice details.

Big boned but with nice lines
Direct mounts for the front derailleur and rear disc are nice modern touches- though the fork keeps things old school with an IS mount.  The bottom bracket is a stout 100mm wide and the nice cowled rear dropouts are a fat 170mm apart.
Lovely disc mounts
Lovely disc mount and dropouts-
even if they don’t come together cleanly

Weight for the frame is said to be 1,665g while the fork hits the scales at 700g.  As with all Skyde Ti frames, the warranty runs five years.  Pricing (without VAT) is 1,540€/£1,290 for the frame, 300€/£250 for the fork.

There's just something about Ti
There’s just something about Ti

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  1. You might want to look at Travers bike’s Rudy Fat 29+ bike from Sussex. Handmade Titanium lovliness

  2. looks lovey.

    Apart from the decals.

    They look awful. 🙁

  3. Yes, those decals will lose them sales. Shame.
    Liteville are another that could do with improving the decals.

  4. Yeah the decals look shite. Bike looks nice. How do you get them off?

  5. Yes check out the travers not as lovely in some of the detail but has sexed me up. Anyone want a vit t? Going cheap. ;0)

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