Lumicycle Explorer Enduro

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Lumicycle doesn’t usually fit the glowring/’eyelid’ to its off-road lights, but I asked for one as I was curious to see how well it worked (very, in case you were wondering, and Lumicycle will fit the same to your light if you ask nicely, too).

The bar mount is simple to use and tool-free. The battery is held in a velcro pouch, and comes with a short cable as standard. Separate batteries add to general bar clutter, but do make it easier/cheaper to add burn time. The light is a bit weighty for me to want to use as a helmet light, but a mount can be bought from Lumicycle, as can extra batteries/light units etc.

The strength of this light isn’t necessarily its raw power (although I didn’t find it wanting); instead, it is the clean, consistent flood with no hotspots or darker patches. Coverage is fairly wide, and perhaps my only criticism is I’d have occasionally liked the penetration to reach another few metres down the trail.

It is easy to flick between brightness modes, but for mid-week night rides, I banged the light into ‘high’ mode for the entire duration. I didn’t fully stretch the battery life (claimed to be 2.5hrs on max), but it held good for 2hrs, barely dropping below ‘full’ on the small collection of coloured LEDs at the rear (which also tell you which mode you are in). Cleverly, the light will automatically dull in an effort to preserve the last of your juice, rather than dropping off a proverbial cliff, and leaving you at risk of dropping off a real one.

Overall: A reliable light that does the simple stuff very well and is worth considering if you need a light that keeps you safer on the road, too.

High (boost)
High (boost)

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Product:Lumicycle Explorer Enduro
Tested:by Tom Hill for One month

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