Light and Motion Seca 2000

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I spend a lot of time riding in the dark and I like this light a lot. In fact, if I was going to buy a high-end lighting system the Seca 2000 would be on my (very) shortlist.

Aesthetics will appeal to Star Trek fans, with chrome heat sinks and futuristic ‘set phasers to stun’ styling. The clamp is nice and secure, and a full range of side to side adjustment is possible. Slender windows on each side provide side visibility if you’re sharing your personal space with cars and buses. The on/off button on the top is incredibly easy to use.

The six-cell battery (a three-cell version is also available) is secured with sturdy velcro, connects to the lamp unit with the most weatherproof connector I’ve ever seen, and keeps the light going for over two hours on full (five on medium).

As the name suggests, full power equals 2,000 lumens. Lower settings are available – medium, low and pulse. The Seca2000 can also be set to ‘race’, where the available outputs are reduced to only high and low. This simplifies available options and increasing burn times by slightly reducing output, which is very handy for endurance racing.

Light penetration is superb and lower settings are more than adequate to ride pretty much anywhere. Switch to full power and it’s suddenly a bright sunny day. As well as the deep penetrating central beam, a wide peripheral halo of light meant that I didn’t really need my helmet light.

Overall: There are a handful of truly amazing high-end lighting systems available nowadays that allow you to ride at daylight speeds for hours on end and this is definitely one of them.

Beam Patterns

Low Beam
Low Beam
Medium Beam
Medium Beam
High Beam
High Beam



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Brand:Light and Motion
Product:Seca 2000
Tested:by Jason Miles for 1 month

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