Jeff Jones has a new handlebar

by Chipps 3

Jeff Jones’ H-Bars have been very popular with adventurers and alternative bike fans, but not everyone was a fan of the unique shape. The welded sections also added cost and weight. Jeff has thought this through and come out with a new handlebar that offers the same hand positions as his regular H-Bar, only in a simpler, bent bar. It’s not as extreme as a set of North Road bars, but there is a very distinct 45° bend to them.

Evolution of an H
Forwards, then back. Lots of room for hands and Jone’s custom extra-long ESI grips.

Width is 660. The weight is 328g, which makes it way lighter than any other Jones bar – even (or especially, depending on your view) the titanium H-bars.  Initially, they look similar to an On One Mary bar, but the sweep (45°) is much greater and places the hands halfway between a regular straight bar and a road bike brake hoods – somewhere that Mr Jones considers to be perfect.

Jeff seems very happy with how they’ve turned out and he’s made a helpful video explaining the development.

And now, here are some photos.

The bars (and other stuff Jones) can be seen here: and the bars will be available through the usual selection of ‘enlightened’ bike shops. Prices for the bars are £80. The importer is also bringing custom-length ESI grips in from the USA ideal for these bars.

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  1. Ummm, that looks a lot like an on-one Mary bar…

  2. It looks like a lot of bars available since the 1930s, I don’t think Jones or On-One would claim they invented m-bars, or ‘north road’ drops, etc.This just looks like a simpler bar to match the H’s hand position.

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