Garneau Liberty 2

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I hate shorts that have integrated liners. Just wanted to get that out there. I like to be able to pick and choose my under-shorts depending on the weather and the condition of my undercarriage. Integrated liners allow none of this and on multi-day trips require twice as much packing.

Despite my bias though I quite liked the fit and look of the outers of the inaptly-named Liberty short. The liners were a touch too tight, the chamois a touch too hard, but the fit of the outers was fine and they would make a great trail short on their own, albeit for those short of thigh. The legs are short and after a few hours of wear I did get a little fed up staring at my white thighs, but at least they were the only thing on display. The shorts gave ample coverage of my lower back and the waistband fitted better than I’d have expected. A habitual bib short wearer, I always expect waistbands to feel claustrophobic. I had none of this from the Liberty short.

Made from a very light polyester blend, and with some simple pockets, you get an outer that just gets on with the job of keeping you cool. These are in no way weatherproof, nor is keeping heat in their remit, but they are a grand summer short. Perfect for those lazy touring trips you’ve always talked about, but not ideal for that wet day in the Peak District.

Overall: If you like integrated liners and short shorts, you’ll like these.

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Product:Liberty 2
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