Tuesday Treats 63: D C Cycles Revisited

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This week, we revisit D C Cycles

We continue to get reacquainted with some of the guys who a year ago, helped us launch the Tuesday Treats feature. Dave, one half of the guys at D C Cycles picks up where we last left off, with plenty to update us on…

Apart from the obvious… we’re all a year wiser, what’s changed in the last year?

We’ve just been settling into the new shop really, trying new layouts; we’ve added a drinks cooler, a fish tank and expanded the workshop (also now an accredited Fox service centre to boot). Most recently we have combined our previous two websites in to one web destination which has just gone live.

Izzi and Dave, still joined at the hip but now trading with one, neat website. Simple

Any new lines that really tickle your fancy?

A couple of our new Niner frames have started to arrive, we also have the long travel WFO 9 arriving later on in the year. The WFO is going to be built up for demo, we’ve already got people waiting to try it.

Niner ONE 9 RDO (Recently added to Dave’s wish list)

What is hot, product-wise?

Lezyne lights. Not only do they look really good they perform really well. There are some new additions to their 2014 range, one of which is proving incredibly popular.

Anything exciting in the pipeline?

45nrth. Gone are the days of cold feet or wearing numerous pairs of socks. Once again we have the Wolvhammer boot here for winter and this year we are adding the award winning Fasterkatt boot too. These boots are the ultimate winter cycling boot, keeping your pedal punchers warm and toasty.

45nrth Wolvhammer. Bye bye winter feet bother

What’s the score with demoing your lines?

We have Lezyne lights and (when we’ve finished putting them together) Niner bikes available for you to demo. Pop in store for more info.

Any events that are worth the effort, travel and pain/joy?

There are some fantastic events up here that are well worth the trip, plus the rugged lakes landscape offers you plenty of opportunity to test your mtb skills. The Fred Whitton Challenge takes place in May and is over 100miles of gruelling terrain but it does offer a fantastic view of the Lake District, so you need to get your application in early. Otherwise, we’ve listed a few for you in the shop…

Note. Some events for mere mortals, others aspirational

Now for some crystal ball gazing. Where are we headed in the wheel size arms race? Bar ends making a comeback?

What goes around comes around. We could cope with a revival of skinny steel hardtails and lots of loud anodising. Izzi is a fan of her 90’s purple anodised bottle cage.

Anything else you want to mention?

Fish tanks are awesome…

Why didn’t we think of that! Every bike shop needs a fish tank.

Lastly, what do Singletrack Premier Subscribers get from you guys?

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