Tuesday Treats 60: Kinetic Cycles Revisited

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This week, we revisit Kinetic Cycles.

We continue to get reacquainted with some of the guys who a year ago, helped us launch the Tuesday Treats feature. Jon at Kinetic Cycles picks up where we left off last time, with some big changes to report…

Hitchin’s super slick new welcome awaits…

Apart from the obvious… we’re all a year wiser, what’s changed during this last year?

Lots if we’re being honest! We’ve not only expanded our offerings in the Welwyn Garden City store but we’ve also just opened a big new shop a bit further up the A1, in Hitchin (Herts). It’ been a really busy summer anyway, so adding in the stress of opening a new shop put plenty on top of our full plates. Thankfully it’s all done now and it was well worth it as we now get to spend time with customer’s and their bikes.

New meets old. The Hitchin store frontage

Any new lines in-store that really tickle your fancy?

Lots! We added Whyte to our line up in the spring, which as I’m sure you can imagine, was a popular addition. The Welwyn shop also now carries Evil frames and we’ve literally just added Cotic to the new Hitchin branch.

Yeti’s evergreen Arc for the hardtailers

What has been hot, product-wise this summer?

Evil frames and Stages power meters, hands down. I cannot think of a time where there has been such a buzz about a product long before we’re even due to receive them in store.

There has been loads of other stuff going on too! We’ve had a really popular Wednesday night MTB ride which looks as if it will turn into a ‘cross ride as winter hits.

We’ve also made an effort with the new shop to offer a range of products and services not often seen in our area, including a Bike Fitting Studio and a dedicated Physical Therapy room where we’re also going to be offering sports massage and training and nutritional programs. We are in very exciting times!

Hitchin’s store floor. ‘Suits you sir’. Professional bike fitting studio (and bike stroking) awaits

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