Singletrack issue 85 is here!

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The new issue of Singletrack has arrived and it’s a real mixed bag of everything that’s great and good about mountain biking, at home and abroad.

Subscriber copies have already started landing on doormats, so here’s the lowdown on what’s in the new issue of the magazine.

Cover shot by Mark Mackay in Whistler, Canada.
Cover shot by Mark Mackay in Whistler, Canada.

Steve Worland gets stuck into some 29in gnarr with long-travel, big-wheeled bikes from Intense, Trek and Niner. We Grind Turner’s new 27.5in Burner and the usual assortment of soft, hard and in-between-ware, and part one of our two-part lights test focuses its beam on 12 trail lights to suit all pockets, from budget to boutique.

Big bikes for big hills: 29gnarr from Intense, Niner and Trek.

The Classic Ride hits up the downs (and ups) of the Wye Valley, and Hans Rey visits Uganda with the Wheels 4 Life project. Jenn heads south to find out what inspires riders-designers Morvelo, Chipps and Dave head north for a weekend of education at mountain bike guide school and the travelling Poles Daniel and Dominika tour the stunning Norwegian Alps in search of trolls and singletrack.

“Repeat after me: left brake rear, right brake front…” Guiding for beginners.
We’ve seen the future, and it’s mostly Morvelo.
The Norweigan Alps – home of trolls and trails.

The columns cover everything from the varied merits of riding alone and riding with friends, to getting tooled up for travel, the best Victoria sponge in the Borders and the weirdness that is the annual Interbike freakfest. Plus there are exclusive deals for subscribers and details of our brand new Singletrack T-shirts!

Hands up if you like bikes…
Vegas, baby!

In short: if you can’t find something in here that makes you want to ride your bike immediately, then we suggest you pack your bikes away ‘til spring and take up knitting instead. The on sale date is 24th October 2013 – but you can…
Buy it from the Singletrack shop now!.

Trademark Singletrack Classic Ride glamour shot. Repeat x 20.
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Comments (15)

    It doesn’t seem to be available to download yet?

    Digital copies will should (!) be available on the official on sale date as usual (24th October) – the magazine’s distributors have caught us on the hop by sending the subscriber magazines out early, but we’re working as fast as we can!

    I normally download the pdf from the MagArchive tab above I assume that’s what you mean by “digital copies” rather than app store? Thanks.

    Got mine in post yesterday

    edd – Yes, the PDF is just one of the digital versions of the magazine we produce, and they’ll all be up on Friday.

    So with no trees being chopped down, no printing deadlines to meet, no postal distribution to be done, us the digital subscribers have to wait. Sorry but that is sheer and utter rubbish, surely the magazine went to printers in a digital format, so it’s just a case of letting us have it.

    I’d hazard a guess that the format the printers need is not *quite* the same as the format for iPads etc

    As Jenn said, the print subs got theirs early rather than everyone else getting it late. Is it the end of the World?

    Just to rub it in, had my first dip into the pages last night. I still think Turner’s are ugly bikes

    Nobody is being kept waiting. As stilltortoise says, the print magazines have just been sent out to subscribers early – it’s unfortunate, but we have no control over the print magazine’s distribution once it leaves the printers.

    The digital versions of the magazine do use the same content as the print version, but it all needs to be converted, reformatted and in some cases completely reflowed to make the digital versions. Which takes a remarkable amount of work, hence the lead time.

    We wish that we could just press a button and have the digital versions appear by magic but unfortunately that technology hasn’t made it to Singletrack Towers yet. We’ll be the first to be making use of it when it does, though 😉

    Hi there! Subscribed this morning, will I get a copy of 85, or will my print sub start from 86?

    jimoakes – Your print sub will start from issue 86, but you get bargain rates on single-issue sales from the Singletrack shop if you’d like a copy of 85.

    Thank you for clearing that up Jenn, will now have to do more training to fill the void rather than reading my favourite publication 🙂

    I think the word “sorry” should have been employed for the earlier hissy fit Benji.

    It’s testimony to this wonderful publication that we are all so desperate to get our hands on the new edition whether that be print, soft copy or both! Well done Singletrack!

    Mr Postie got my print copy wet and now I am having the joy of trying to use the pocketmags app – which despite logging on, does show issue 85 – just tries to charge me for back issues.

    Will stick with PDF eletronic copies going forward – at least that works on iPads & laptops 🙂

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