John North

by Chipps 3

Singletrack was very sorry to hear that John North passed away on Friday October 11th, aged 70. He was a great character and a very successful rider and runner, winning more things than we’ll ever be able to list. He’d been ill for most of the year and passed away peacefully with his family by his side.

He was also very dear to Singletrack, having supported us from our humble beginnings and he was always being included in the Singletrack staff Christmas party. We will miss John’s visits as he would ride over the hills to us, have a large cup of the weakest tea imaginable and a custard slice, before riding home again the long way.

We know we join the whole cycling community in sending our condolences to his friends and family.

We interviewed John in issue 11 of Singletrack. A couple of quotes really stand out from that interview that show John’s cheeky humour. For someone who achieved so much, we asked if there was anything else left for him to achieve:

“What’s left? To be shot dead at the age of 90 by the ‘justifiably’ jealous husband of a beautiful and sexually-demanding young woman as I cross the finishing line at the end of a race. But i’ll have to make do with a Notts & Derby cyclo-cross this coming weekend.”

He never wanted to be old anyway – he’ll always still be annoyingly fit and fast in our minds. Rest in peace, John.

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  1. I remember that article in STW.

    RIP dude.

  2. Great to see pics of the fit and smiley John rather than memories of him in poor health. He really didn’t want to be old.

  3. At least he was able to continue to ride bikes long after others would have stopped. RIP John, a privelige to meet you those few times.

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