Interbike 2013: Stan’s fatbike rim on show floor

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Literally.  Just sitting there.

487g?!  Who needs carbon?
Who needs carbon?

While the company has finally dipped its toes into the dark carbon waters, Stan of NoTubes fame is firmly committed to pushing the limits of aluminium rim technology.  Case in point: this 52mm wide fatbike rim.  Actually sitting somewhere between “plus” and “fat,” this prototype is said to allow for floor pump tubeless seating and of 4in wide tyres.

Perhaps exaggerated by its width, this rim appears to take Stan’s usual shallow profile to new… lows.  The company has some tweaks in mind already and are expecting rideable prototypes this winter.  This example’s 52mm width may be better suited to 26+ and 29+ bikes like Surly’s Instigator and Krampus, but Stan and company believe that the design will scale nicely to work with tyres up to 5in wide.  More news as we get it…

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