Bikes and yoga – the perfect pairing?

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Try persuading your average mountain biker to swap a couple of hours of their riding time for contorting themselves on a mat and you’ll be lucky to get so much as a solitary ‘om’ out of their supple, perfectly postured bodies before they dissolve into giggles (sit up straight at the back). Polly of Mountain Yoga Breaks was keen to show us how beneficial yoga can be for mountain bikers, though – especially when mixed up with the fine trails of mid Wales. We packed Jorji off to test the Elan Valley break…

Sunken Road, pre-bogged, happy campers.

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Driving home, I felt exhausted but exhilarated. The riding had been fantastic, and I’d enjoyed exploring beautiful mid Wales, with some superb descents. It was even better to be shown them by friendly, knowledgeable locals, so the best lines, descents and bog diversions were pointed out well in advance. And combined with relaxing, regenerating yoga, great food, comfortable accommodation and home baking – a weekend with Mountain Yoga Breaks is highly recommended!

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    I started Pilates eighteen months ago and it has made a big difference to my performance. I had not realised how inflexible my hamstrings and other bits were. Now my back doesn’t ache and I can touch my toes! Anything that encourages bikers to get flexible must be good.

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