Interbike 2013: WTB adds coloured valve stems

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If you look good, you feel good…

To match or not to match?

While we’ve covered WTB’s new tyres at On-Dirt Demo, the folks at WTB had another new product on the Interbike show floor:  coloured aluminium tubeless valve stems.  $25 for 35mm and $26 for 46mm in black, red, and blue.  Remember: If you look good, you feel good; if you feel good you ride good. Or something like that…

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    Wow, now i’ve seen it all

    No, you haven’t – there’s more to come! 🙂

    Superstar did exactly the same a couple of months ago for a tenner.

    I’m perfectly happy with the idea of colored valve stems… in fact, I’ve always wondered why someone didn’t do them before. What’ I’m not o.k. with is charging us more for the valve stems than the whole tube…. they should be about $4 instead.

    Do they colour-match the coloured cable inners that are available too?

    Do they sell them in silver?!

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