Monday Morning Debrief 38

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Just back from a couple of days in the North Lakes riding with a difference; we’ve been taking part in British Cycling’s Mountain Bike Leadership course for an article in issue 85.

Without giving too much away it’s fair to say it’s been a good experience that really got us thinking, and gave a whole new perspective on group rides. I’ve always felt I’m fairly well prepped when I head out into the hills but there’s a difference between packing enough kit to be self sufficient and carrying what you need as a leader. Since getting back there’s already a list of new kit needed and a repack of my own bag to prioritise what’s easy and to hand.


Two days of escape routes, late back plans, on the fly navigation and tricky decisions. Two days of judgement calls, drawing on experience and being put on the spot. Two days of not much riding, but when we were on the bikes I’ve probably not thought about and analysed the ride so much for years.

Intensive, mentally stretching, rewarding. I’d recommend it to everyone, our course was delivered by Cyclewise. Now we’ve just got to get those logbooks filled before assessment, and write the article too I guess….

Rocky horror
Rocky horror? or in remit?

And at the other end of the scale…

Up the Buttress
Up the Buttress

Saturday was spent, erm, ‘encouraging’ the participants of Up the Buttress; our local hill climb competition.

Take one steep cobbled climb, add a variety of different bike riders, add timing, stir in plenty of support/heckling and an in situ bar. Result? A great community event, a good turnout and some pretty fast times. We should have results and a report up soon.

What did you get up to? Where did you ride?

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