Interbike 2013: Kuat prepares for fatbike invasion

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I’m not fat- I’m big boned.

Normal... and fat.
Normal… and fat.

Young US brand KUAT has quickly made a name for itself with a full range of well-made hitch- and roof-mounted bike racks.  Alongside their attractive black and chrome racks, the company was showing a couple of reasonably-priced options for the handy rider.  The $19 Dirtbag is now joined by a 135x12mm fatbike version.  At $29, the big Dirtbag is looking like the least expensive way to transport your big, bouncy moonbike.

SONY DSCAlso catering to the balloon bike crowd, the Kuat also offer a strap extender for their Trio roof and NV hitch racks.  Function is straightforward – similar to that of airline seatbelt extenders – but care might be needed to ensure that the exposed hardware doesn’t scratching those fancy carbon fatbike rims that you’ll need in 2014.