Interbike 2013: A sensibly-priced Enduro helmet!

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 TSG protects your head – and wallet

Like a very fast Porsche
Like a very fast Porsche

Known for its quality – but reasonably-priced – helmets and body armour, Swiss protectioneer TSG has decided to jump into the Enduro fray.  Unlike so many others, however, TSG’s brightly coloured, peaked, and spoilered Substance comes at a price that many riders will be able to justify.

Five colour combinations!
Five colour combinations!

While plastics used likely wouldn’t pass muster on a $200 lid, at $70 the TSG’s peak, spoiler, and extensive shell coverage certainly look the part.  While the new model is not yet on distributor Ison’s website, previous versions sold for £45.


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    What is an “enduro helmet”? Looks pretty much like a normal trail helmet

    Does the spoiler (very apt in this case) easily come off?

    “the TSG’s peak, spoiler, and extensive shell coverage more than pass muster”

    So whose list of muster-passing requirements for a helmet includes a spoiler?

    I’ve got the previous incarnation of the substance & it’s a nice helmet (if a little sweaty). No spoiler though thankfully, what’s the point!? Looks like one more thing to get snagged on low branches :-$

    Not really into the blue and orange colour scheme, agree that it looks like a duck!

    I like the blue orange combo – reminds me of the Le Mans Gulf Porsche’s…

    The blue/orange thing is something you either get (because you like those Gulf Porsches/GT40s) or you don’t. 🙂

    Don’t want to say it too loudly but… I like it. not in blue/orange but it looks like it has big vents but still good protection. Might go buy one when they’re out.

    +1 on the Gulf colors. I spent a long winter on the trainer watching the film Le Mans over and over. To me, that 917 is beautiful- and now linked (in my mind) with cycling.

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