Throwback Thursday 7: Tandemania!

by singletrackjenn 1

Back to 2007 and issue 35 this week for a dose of classic Matt ‘the old Richard’ Letch.

Fish Out Of Water: Of A Bicycle Made For Two.

What’s the worst place for a control-freak mountain biker? On the back of a tandem, that’s where. Which is why we put Matt on the back of Tim Carpenter’s tandem and asked them to ride the hilly 70km Howies Dyfi Enduro.

Words by Matt Letch, photos Dave Anderson.

It was all Dave’s idea. He’s always raved on about how ace riding tandem is; how it’s a good laugh and how it’s sociable. It was how he travelled across America, Dave and Sharon with their daughter in a trailer.. It sounded excellent, plus Dave has a horribly persuasive tone. “It’ll be right.” “I did the Polaris loads of times on one, you’ll love it.”

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This feature first appeared in issue 35 of Singletrack Magazine. A PDF download of this and every other issue we’ve ever done is available to subscribers from the Singletrack Mag Archive.

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  1. I’m still amazed I sired Sonny after that.

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