Midweek Movies 163

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It’s Wednesday, it’s nearly lunchtime, that means it’s time for Midweek Movies.

In number 163 we have rad dads, radder grandads, Welsh trails, shooting stars, Deep Summer photo porn, enduro Dyfi-style and stageduro Savoie-style… Wish you were there? Us too.


Dyfi Gravity Enduro.

Wideopen’s video from the Dyfi Gravity Enduro. Shredding the gnar. Dudes.

Bike Park Wales Ep. 3: Go for Launch.

In which BIke Park Wales show off their trails, their friends and their super slo-mo camerawork.

Trans Savoie: Days One and Two.

Something for everyone stuck at their desks (and that includes us) – somewhere in France the inaugural Trans Savoie stageduro is going off. We’re not jealous. Nope.

Cyclists Special: Touring in the ’50s.

And now for something completely different… thanks to Morgan Fletcher for the reminder of the good old days.

George Davy: Swedish Lumpy Jumps.

A submission from rad dad George Davy, who says: “I made a film messing around in the woods here in Sweden before I have to go back to the UK for my annual ‘Holiday’. Anyway I was quite pleased with it and in the name of vagrant self publication here is a URL. Set out to film all the best bits of the trails I have found in my six years of living in Southern Sweden, I think it turned out something like manic jumps for dads. Hope I don’t get in trouble with the Swedish trail fairies for making a film of their secrets, though I may have had a hand in some of them.”

‘The Universe is Amazing’ corner: Perseid timelapse

No bikes in this one, but it was filmed in Joshua Tree national park, so we make no apologies for including it in this week’s MWM – after all, who doesn’t like a nice meteor shower?

Duncan Philpott: Deep Summer.

Duncan Philpott, aka. part of Steel City Media, won the wild card entry to this year’s Deep Summer photo contest. This slideshow is the result. Lucky boys!

Charge TV: Testing the Cooker.

Swoopy, moody singletrack action from Charge as it puts the new Cooker through its paces.

Thanks to everyone who sent in this week’s suggestions. Got something you’d like to see up here next week? Send it to: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

Thanks to Duncan Philpott for the header image from his Deep Summer compilation.

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