Kinetic’s Traxle thru-axle enables indoor biking. Hooray?

by Marc Basiliere 1

As much as it hurts to think about, winter is on its way. Thanks to crap weather and short days, the changing seasons will force us indoors, riding in front of the tube (or garage door, depending on spousal permissions). Doing so is better than going to the gym – but not really something to cheer.

See!  Isn't this fun?
See! Isn’t this fun?

But wait! What if your pride and joy is held together by one of those newfangled thru-axles? Stiffer and more secure, maybe, but they never mention anything about mounting one to a turbo trainer. Sure, a set of those rollers that old-school roadies like would be an option – but they’re not cheap and are (quite frankly) frightening to the uninitiated. Happily, Kinetic saw this issue coming and are proud to announce the Traxle thru-axle replacement.


The Traxle system is a precision-machined replacement axle that matches the weight, quality and performance of OEM thru axles with the addition of small tapered heads to allow for use on trainers. The Traxle comes in three thread pitches – coarse, medium and fine – to fit a range of frame and wheel manufacturers.

Actually a bit cleaner looking than a QR.
Actually a bit cleaner looking than a QR.

Not just for home use, a set of Traxles will be invaluable to any professional bike fitters whose clients include mountain bikers. Traxles will run £30/$50 apiece and should be available beginning in October from 2Pure.

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  1. What ear defenders for indoor riding on knobbly tyres?

    That would definitely get that look from the wife!

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