Eurobike 2013: What’s the new Strange? Orange

by Dave Anderson 9

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Here’s the first scoop of Eurobike. Wandering between halls we spotted this Strange branded 160mm long travel 29er. Big bikes are getting a little bit bigger, it seems.

Looks strange
Looks strange

There’s only one in existence, there’s a queue forming to ride it already, but  we’re not sure about pedalling those 2.5 29er 3c Minions uphill. It’s likely you could reverse the rotation of the earth if you’re not careful..

160mm 29er Pikes? Definitely strange
160mm 29er Pikes? Definitely strange

Looks like a specially tweaked pair of 160mm 29er Rockshox Pikes provide the front suspension, A 1.5 headtube allows angleset tweaking if needed, and there’s a Cane Creek DB out back with the shock mount integrated into the monocoque.

Shock mount in the monocoque
Shock mount in the monocoque

Massive travel, massive wheels = massive fun, no?

More details when we get them….

Comments (9)

  1. I’m sure they know what tye’re doing, but taking a chunk out of the downtube to fit the shock-mount in doesn’t seem right to me.
    Apart from that, looks like a right laugh pointed downhill…

  2. I wish Orange would do stealth dropper post cable routing…

  3. WANT……..not sure it’s the best bike for the South Downs though 🙂

  4. Edd – they do although only on the new Five RS at the moment

  5. Edd – it’s called a drill.

  6. @irbandito, it’s not a downtube… You’re right enough, chopping a hole in a tube is a bad idea but when you’ve got a box section spar like that you can take more liberties. Same idea as the 322 really.

  7. And I’m sure it’s gone through cad simulation and had been found to be more than up to the task. It’s great to see Orange still pushing the boundaries.

  8. I ride Minion 3c’s al the time on my 26″ it’s all about positivity- they are draggy, but rarely spit traction ;]

  9. I ride a single ply Minion 60a rear & supertacky front all the time. Have done a couple of c2c’s on them with another one starting Monday…

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