Eurobike 2013: Dainese Trail Skins

by Chipps 3

Here’s a quick one for you. Longstanding protection company Dainese has developed a soft kneepad that should be good to wear all day, whatever the weather. The pad is made from perforated ‘memory foam’ called Polynorbonene that hardens on impact, but it’s very thin – only 7mm thick.

Instead of a Velcro strap to hold up the pad, it relies on a grippy silicon band – like a shorts’ leg gripper. The lower strap is regular Velcro. This should keep it in place when riding. However, when you start on the next big climb, you can simply roll the pads down to keep you cool, keeping the lower strap in place and just peeling the pad inside out, as there’s no top strap to have to faff with.

According to distributor Windwave, they should be around £50 a pair and we expect to see a fair number on regular trail riders when they’re out later in the year.


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  1. Those elasticy straps aren’t good if you have properly manly legs (read: not shaved), ouch.

  2. I thought that too Steve. We’ll try to get some in to try (on my hairy knees)

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