Singletrack issue 83 – out soon!

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So while the discussion about wheel sizes rages on in the background like a pesky rash, here’s a real news story: Singletrack 83 is having its t’s crossed and i’s dotted and should be off to the printers this week.

Issue 83 - it's pretty, well, pretty... cover 83 cover
Issue 83 – it’s pretty, well, pretty…

The new Sim Art Editor Jorji has been hard at work with the digital Crayolas and we hope you’ll like the results – we’re certainly pretty excited. Keep your eyes peeled for a sneak peek of the ‘International Travel: Berg Therapie’ feature from the travelling Poles, Daniel Klawczyński & Dominika Skonieczna. There’s also an exclusive Premier web feature coming up, from Singletrack contributor and endurance nut Greg May, who recently tackled the Highland Trail 400 and lived to tell us the tale.

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Here’s the magazine’s contents to whet your appetite. The magazine hits newsagents and Premier dealers across the country on 18th July.

Contents 83.

Editorial: Riding Is The New Racing.
Like it or not, enduro is here to stay. Chipps reflects on the old, new art of racing your mates.

This is not Chipps, but if it were, he'd be enduring.
This is not Chipps, but if it were, he’d be enduring.

UK Riding: Ballater and Beyond.

Chipps goes journo-juggling in the Scottish Highlands in the name of new bike testing.

Loaming in the gloaming: Ballater never knew what hit it.
Loaming in the gloaming: Ballater never knew what hit it.

Jewel of the Isle: Marrocco’s.

Jo Burt celebrates his lifelong love: Hove’s seafront Italian, Marrocco’s.

Column: Taking Ages.

It happens to the best of us. Benji contemplates the onset of middle age.

Stat of the Art: Going away this summer?

On Trend: Clothing Essentials Part Three.

Old Man Ronson takes his life in his hands and turns his attention to the womenswear department.

You'd be a bit out of shape if you had your knickers on your head, too.
You’d be a bit out of shape if you had your knickers on your head, too.

Column: Complacency is Devastating.

Or so Binners used to be informed by his office wall every morning – and it turns out the wall was right.

Column: Comedy Dave and Friends.

What a weird bunch we are. Meerkat attempts to classify the genus that is Allterrainabikus Britannicus…

International Travel: Berg Therapie.

Booked your Alpine holiday yet? Daniel and Dominika head to the Tyrol for their annual dose of singletrack, goulash and duty-free smuggling.

Racehead: Tools In A Shoebox.

The cross-country World Cup circuit isn’t all corporate sponsorship and behemoth RVs. Rab Wardell gives us the privateer’s view from between the tapes.

XC racers go round corners too!
XC racers go round corners too!

Interview: Nigel Page.

Chipps chats to the other nicest man in mountain biking.

Peak bagg(i)er.
Peak bagg(i)er.

Classic Rides: Nidderdale.

Communist confectionery, accidental trail kill and banana-yellow love machines: Singletrack hits the Yorkshire Dales.

Apocalypse Nidd.
Apocalypse Nidd.

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Big Feature: World Cup Fever.

Why every mountain biker should go to Fort William at least once in their lives.

Everybody's a photographer. Catching a piece of the action at Fort Bill.
Everybody’s a photographer. Catching a piece of the action at Fort Bill.

Through The Grinder.

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean test products don’t get muddy and scratched. Ten pages of products reviewed here.

Grouptest: Adjustable Forks.

Forks go up, forks go down, but some go up and down more than others. We ride four adjustable travel forks.

Bike test: Skinny, semi-skimmed or half-fat?

Rigid forked bikes from Islabikes, Pivot and Surly that’ll let you feel a bit more grounded.

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