Fresh Goods Friday 149

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Hey it’s Friday! Time to down tools and regain the freedom of the glorious weekend. But before we roost some dust let’s take in this week’s Fresh Goods…

Orange Five RS

Five is alive
Five is alive (front tyre and stem model’s own)

Dave’s taken delivery of an Orange Five RS, a limited edition Five which comes with X01 1×11 drivetrain, 150mm Rockshox Pikes, Monarch RCT3 and Avid Elixir 9 trail brakes. Only 50 of these RS bikes are going to be made.

The frame features a redesigned shock mount, 140mm of rear travel and a 142 x 12mm back end and comes in exclusive ‘Galactic Grey’ powdercoat finish.

What's the wheels size?
What’s the wheel size?

Like most new bikes the Five is now designed around 27.5in wheels and in keeping with its enduro/trail leanings the frame comes with both ISCG tabs and an E-Type mount for a chain device if you want to fit one.

Up front is a 1.5in headtube which will allow for head angle tinkering if the stock 66.5° is too steep for your liking.

Head set
Head set
Reverb stealth routing
Reverb stealth routing, especially for Edd

Expect Dave’s first impressions next week, when we finally prise him off it long enough to write something down.

Price: £4,199.99

From: Orange Bikes

Singletrack Issue 83

Wordy goodness with pictures too
Wordy goodness with pictures too

Issue 83 should be hitting doormats as we speak. Filled with more beautifully put together words and pictures for your reading pleasure. Not got a copy?


Price: £5.95

From: Us! or your loverly local newsagent or bike shop

Park Tools 50th Anniversary three-way hex wrench

Anniversary tooling
Anniversary tooling

What better way to celebrate 50 years in business than a limited edition hex wrench with 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm Bondhus gold guard steel hex bits.

Price: £24.99

From: Madison

One Industries Sector shorts

One short
One short

One Industries Sector: a lightweight stretch performance short, in black. Watch out for our baggy shorts test in Issue 84.

Price: £70.00

From: ONE Industries

Cube Action Team shorts

Not short shorts
Not short shorts

Euro-style freeride shorts with zipped ventilation and plenty of space for kneepads.

Price: £57.99

Cube FRS20 Action Team Protector backpack

Pro(tection) look
Pro(tection) look

A freeride backpack with 20 litres of storage and integral back protection.

Price: £109.99

Cube bobble cap


Technically winter’s on its way. Richards already prepared with his Cube bobble cap.

Price: £24.99

Cube Action Team elbow pads

Elbows out
Elbows out

Elbow protection for when you’re getting your Gnar! on.

Price: £64.99

Cube Action Team kneepads

All the pads you (k)need
All the pads you (k)need

To match that elbow protection, here’s some loving for your knees too.

Price: £72.99

Cube Action Team jersey

Full team look

Long sleeved and loose fit. Embrace the inner freeride.

Price: £39.99

All from: Cube

Continental Mountain King 2.4 ProTection 29in tyre

*Insert Tired gag

Rob from Continental dropped in with a couple of sets of tyres for us (thanks Rob!). Both are tubeless ready and folding, with ProTection sidewalls, Black Chili and a rubberised bead instead of fabric scuff strip for improved seal. What more could you ask for?

Price: £49.95

Continental X-King 2.4 ProTection 29in tyre

Mo’ rubber

The same thing in a different pattern? You’re in luck. Both tyres are also available  in wire bead for £16 and folding (non-Chili) for £28.95

Price: £49.95

Continental Revo Sealant

The age old question
The age old question

We  also got a delivery of Revo tubeless tyre sealant for the believers and a box of tubes for the more traditional among us.

Price: £9.99 sealant/ £6.98 tube

From: Continental

That’s it for this week. We’re off to rip some schweet single trails, see you on Montag for die debrief.

Comments (22)

    are the cube bobble hats made by pinkbommel?

    oooh liking the cube shorts,may have to invest ready for the alps trip 🙂

    Is this 5 a new bike?Every single variation and colour seems to appear on fresh goods friday.
    I’ve never heard mention of Orange 5 on this website before
    Next week you’ll have a 14 inch wheeled next best thing,

    Dropped apostrophe for Richard, right under the pope’s nose. Double take, pope?

    Awaits the Dirt review if the new Orange Five then, so we can get a proper review of how fast it can go downhill.

    Hah, tyre change on the Five required before it’s even turned a wheel, that’s got to be points off on a £4200 bike. Jokers…

    27.5 tyres that need testing meet 27.5 bike….

    £4200 for an Orange 5!!!

    £5.95 for a magazine !!!! (:

    I *heart* 2.4″ X Kings. 🙂

    Any chance we can have a photo of the Reverb stealth routing on th Five? Thanks!

    “Dropped apostrophe for Richard, right under the pope’s nose. Double take, pope?”

    Sadly the Pope lacks thumbs and a keyboard, so I’ve fixed the spellinks and gramma for him… Thanks 🙂

    “£4200 for an Orange 5!!!” – is it that bad for a small company? Compare to something like a Bronson Alloy XT. Those new Pikes are pricey!

    Toasty – that’s bad for any company that makes a bike with 11 gears and sells it for £4200! 😉

    I want, but for about half that price.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my Five(s), but I can’t wait til someone like OnOne makes a single pivot low maintenance frame/bike like the Five that isn’t over priced and we can just hook up a decent shock to do all the trickery.

    Let’s face it the R&D for the new wheel size focused frame won’t have cost the earth, they just made the swing arms a little longer, they changed the shock mounts and put a new head tube on to save weight (I could have told them about the swing arm bit for free). And I imagine Orange got a nice little discount for 50 Sram/Avid/Rock Shox group sets, why not pass some of it on to their customers.

    Last night I put a 10 speed rear SLX mech with a clutch on my ’08 Five and left a 32 ring on the front. It’s got some 2.2 Rubber Queens that sit it about half an inch higher. It’s also got a set of U turn Lyrics on it. Add a dropper from ebay for £80 and it’s pretty much the same bike… offers around £3200 😉

    I like Fives but Orange, much like Kona, seem to have lost the plot with all these graphics on the frame. It makes them look much cheaper than they are. Keep it simple

    oh look another vastly over priced Orange five limited edition that’s almost the same as the last one
    What next for Halifax’s finest, perhaps they could recycle some newer Coke cans and encourage people to share their ride with….

    £25 for a 3 allen key tool !!!!
    £70 for a pair of shorts!!!

    Perhaps you could ask Rob from continental when we can expect to see the baron in UST guise.

    …and how about 2.4 Mountain King IIs, UST, black chilli, in 26″ which a lot of us still have!!!,

    “Action Team”?

    I’m pretty sure I had an “Action Team” GI Joe when I was about 7…

    That five is one of the ugliest bikes i’ve seen, looks like something out of Argos.

    Beaten to it by robowns, cept i was going to go one step further and say ‘JD Sports’…

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