SRAM XO1 Preview

by Chipps 15

It has been the most obvious trickle-down of the year. When (oh when!) would SRAM release a slightly more affordable version of its 11speed groupset? XX1 was an instant hit with racers (both cross country and more gravity-based) and has appeared on high-end bike spec too. The group offers 11 speeds over a single 10-42 cassette, while using a clutch mech and specially toothed chainring to keep the chain on without needing a front mech or chain guide.

Although it was immediately popular (and successful…), those riding this groupset and raving about it, were very rarely people who’d paid full price for it, if at all. The group has remained the preserve of the sponsored rider, the product manager and the bike journo. After all, who can afford to replace a £325 cassette very often?

Here’s the aluminium crank, with bolt-on bashring.

Niner was the first to go public with the existence of the group when it listed the specs of an XO-equipped ROS9 model on its website. With a little more digging, we were able to find some more photos of XO1 and some more specs from other manufacturers – and it seems that just about all the bikes being launched to the press this coming week will have the group on it. The cat is most definitely out of the bag.

Niner’s ROS9 pic was the first to let the ‘secret’ out.
Is that a 32 ring? As small as it gets?

No bash-ring in the photo above, this time, letting us see that that chainring is probably as small as it gets, unless SRAM plans to make more crank spiders.

So what’s going to be in it? Well, the crank is now aluminium, rather than the carbon crank on XX1. While the cassette looks pretty similar, we imagine that there’s a cheaper manufacture to it. It’s unlikely that it starts as a single block of steel, machined for ten hours in a CNC machine like XX1 – or not if it’s to come in any cheaper. There’s an integrated-looking bashguard on the chainring, which still keeps the thick/thin profile of the original, although the spider’s (94mm) BCD is larger and that will probably limit the range of chainrings available. Racer-types will be happy to hear that there’ll be an XO1 GripShift.

It does make you wonder why anyone will buy XX1 now. Assuming anyone did.

The rear derailleur looks very like the XX1 one, only with less high-polish going on and still with those giant 12 tooth jockey wheels and the particular-to-XX/O1 horizontal cage movement across the block.

Familiar, brutish shaped rear mech. Looks ugly, works flawlessly though.


SRAM’s pic of the XO1 cassette looks very similar to the 10-42 XX1 cassette. What gives?


Don’t expect XO1 in the shops any time soon. We’ve only just been officially told about it, but we’d expect it to start appearing on bikes in the early autumn. So far we’ve only seen the groupset offered on complete bikes, with no mention of any aftermarket supplies. Patience!

Out in the real world (still running with an XX1 cassette on the bike we stole)

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Comments (15)

  1. Over to you, Mr Shimano….what you got?

  2. On who got XX1? My lbs has shipped out 5 or 6 sets as swap outs for XX so people were buying the XX1 sets. I expect it to make a big move for those who just can’t get their legs round 1×10.

  3. Surely the spiders are interchangable?

  4. I’d be interested to know if XO1 still requires a specific rear hub like XX1?

  5. That crankset with the bash fitted looks hideous.
    For the price of the XX1 cranks from some of the German stores, I’d go for them every time over the X01.

  6. A 29T option would be tricky with those alternating teeth spiders though eh Chipps?

    {Good point! 🙂 Chipps}

  7. Call me a ponce, but that crankset just looks a bit, er, cheap? Which is fine, assuming it is cheap? Guess we’ll wait and see what the price is……………

  8. +1 on the odd number of teeth comment!

  9. ?!?! Why does it have to look so boring and cheap…Unless they don’t want to out do the more expensive XX1 of course…

  10. 32? or 30? think I could work with either…

  11. Most importantly, can I fit it to my new 9 speed Mavic wheels or do I need something specific?

  12. You’ll still need to fit an XD driver body, but that should be possible if it’s a straight swap.

  13. I’ve not got due dates showing yet, but here’s some prices (RRP)

    Chainring £75/85
    Mech £200
    Gripshift shifter £100
    Trigger Shifter £110
    GXP Crank £200
    BB30 Crank £230
    I can’t find the cassette right now.

  14. Now, where’s X91, X71, or whatever they’re going to call them?….

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