Ibis Releases New Mojo HD-R

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It certainly seems the month for flash new bike launches. We’ve had the Bronson, Solo and Tallboy2 from Santa Cruz and the Ripley from Ibis. And now we have the other new bike from Ibis; a revamp and redesign of its very popular HD frame, the HD-R.

Frame and shock weight for a medium will be 6lbs in matt black
This dark blue is already dividing opinions

Ibis already had lots of fans converting its HD frame to run with 27.5in wheels and Ibis had tried it out itself, using a 140mm HD. As the frame was due a refit, it was deemed appropriate to embrace this new, old wheel size – but still allow riders to run 26in if they wanted.

Confused? There’s a little of that. You can run the new HD-R as a 130mm bike with 27.5in wheels. Or you can run it with 26in wheels and 160mm travel. If you really want to be contrary, you can run it with 27.5in wheels and 150mm travel too if you reduce the shock (and check your tyre clearance). Stock in 27.5in 130mm mode, with a 140mm shock, you’ll get 67.1° head angle and 13.5in BB. With a 130mm 27.5in fork, you’ll get 13.4in and 67.8°. Anyway, there’s lots more info on the Ibis web page: http://www.ibiscycles.com/bikes/mojo_hdr650b_0307/

Here’s a bit of a teaser vid for you:

And how about a bit more chunky action?

Interesting to see that the rear cable runs right through where the front mech would normally sit.
Deep blue. Classy? Or crassy?
Matt black. It’s lighter, you know?

UK importers 2Pure reckons that it’ll see frames starting to appear towards the end of July and the price will be £2399 for the frameset.

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