Fresh Goods Friday 146

by Dave Anderson 11

These three are currently being tested for the group test in Issue 83



Fruit gum?

Isla Rowntree had added a proper grown-ups big wheeled bike to her highly acclaimed kids range. It’s a far more inspiring ride than most sub £500 MTBs, it’s as adaptable as anything we’ve tested and it only weighs 26lb.

Price £449.99 + £35 Tyre Upgrade


As rigid as it can be

We just started testing this, and it just goes to prove that suspension can be over-rated at times. Round the world record holder Mike Hall is riding almost exactly this 22lb set-up on this year’s Tour Divide. (Mike is currently leading the race by a long way )

Price: Frame Alone £1600


Krampus style?

Definitely not just another fat bike, the Krampus frame and fork can be run as either a standard 29er or with Surly’s own 29+ wheelset and 3in tyres. Either way, it’s a breath of fresh air on almost any trail you throw it at.

Price: £1699.99


X Fusion Slant

160mm travel, 15mm axle. All for sub-£500
This has the DLA – Down Low Adjust – travel adjust system.

Price: £489.99
From: Upgrade Bikes.
In these days of £1000 forks, X-Fusion is doing its best to produce decent forks at non-astronomical prices. Here’s the Slant. 160mm travel, with a travel adjuster and 34mm stanchions. Oh, and it’s for that 26in size!


Surly Stickers

Price: Trade for beer
From: Surly.
Surly has always done a great line in bumper and bike stickers. This is the 2014 range, previewed here for you. They’re not easy to get hold of, but there’s a sticker here to amuse and offend just about everyone. Although you won’t see many in the UK, the first Premier member to email Chipps will get sent a complete set in the post. (Just been won by Terrahawk, of this parish)

Sombrio Float

Another case of ‘Look, our logo is a grippy shape!’

Price: £79ish
From: Sombrio Cartel.
The Sombrio Floats are the latest, and very smart, version of the popular Sombrio Float shoes. Designed by Canadians for riding with flat pedals. Doesn’t get more authentic than that, eh? Eh?


Moon Lights

The size of a pen drive, they recharge by USB

Price: £21.99 for front and rear LEDs, up to £239 for the full-on boxed front light set.
From: Raleigh.

Super bright commuting lights, with a multitude of flashing options. 100Lumens front, 50 rear. And, below, a big rig system with sets up to 1300Lumens

Comes in a neat box, complete with mounts and wall charger.

Icebreaker Merino Tees

Merino – and they have a bike on them!

Price: £60
From: Icebreaker
These turned up this week and we’ve had to fight off the sticky fingers of the staff to keep them in the Fresh Goods cupboard long enough to shoot them. They feature Icebreaker’s lightest 150g pure Merino and they should last years of keeping you snug.

Reynolds Coathanger

What well-dressed editors hang their jackets on. Unfortunately, we don’t know one of those.

Price: Unlikely
From: Press Launches
Among the odder things that Chipps brought back from Press Camp was this Reynolds wheels carbon coat hanger. It’s made from a factory second rim section, complete with Schrader valve and a spoke for the hanger.

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  1. £60 for a t-shirt!
    Nice detail on the coat hanger though.

  2. Like the T-shirts but £60 is stretching things even for taste in labels.

  3. I really don’t like those IB tees. So asking £60 for one seems a bit like producing 26-and-a-bit inch wheels and expecting me to get excited over them.

  4. The Islabikes bike looks nice. But are they going to start doing the nice steel race bike that some of the team were riding at Mayhem? those were really nice.

  5. IB Tshirts are often discounted, I’ve got one with the bike and a couple of others, super comfy!

  6. oo I needs new shooz

  7. Just been wondering what to do with my old rims…

  8. Hope you’re going to include a Singular. Sam’s been really busy in his shed 🙂

  9. Surly bikes linky doesn’t work

    do I get a sticker? (sound like my two year old!!)


  10. The icebreaker tees are a lot cheaper over here in NZ, which makes a change for once

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