The Bicycle Academy Balance Bike Course

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 If you saw our Bespoked Bristol report you might have spotted the tiny frames on the Bicycle Academy stand; here’s news on how you can learn to build one…

The Bicycle Academy Balance Bike Course

Tiny bikes for tiny people

Teaching a child to ride a bike is a really special experience, one that you’ll both remember forever. Now imagine how special it would be if you had made that bike… well now you can.

We’re really excited to launch our Balance Bike Frame Building Courses, starting this July.

Over the past few months we’ve been developing our very own 12″ wheel balance bike for kids. We’ve used lightweight steel tubing, narrow axles to give more clearance for the little rider’s legs, small diameter handlebars to make it easier for little ones to hold on, and adjustable saddle height and position so that the bike set-up can be changed as they grow. The bike has been designed to be easy and fun to ride, light enough for a 2 year old to handle and strong enough for an adult to ride (you won’t be able to resist!).

The courses are held here at The Bicycle Academy over 2 days. You’ll build the TBA balance bike by hand, from start to finish, you’ll do it all. Even if you’ve never made anything before we’ll teach you everything you need to know, and coach you through the build.

Think of the children

The bikes are suitable for kids of 2 years old and above, and weigh as little as 3.5kg when built up. The frame and forks will be made using light weight straight gauge seamless steel tubing with all the joins brazed by you. You’ll get to choose the colour of the bike, all components and even customise the stickers too.

The course costs £400 + components (which range from ~£30 to ~£100) and we’re taking bookings now!

Call us on 01373 473767 or email us at



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    Sadly my kids are way too old, but if they weren’t, I’d be on this like a shot. Fantastic.

    My children have both graduated seamlessly from a balance bike to a regular pedal bike. One thing I would say is critical on a balance bike is a brake to help teach that aspect of control before moving to a pedal bike.

    None of mine had any issue with braking when they moved on. Apart from learning that a coaster brake means you can wear out tyres in a week, even with spindly 3 year old legs!

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