Midweek Mini Movies 151

by Chipps 6

It’s another visual video extravaganza!

Tune in, brew up, skive off. It’s a short week and we’re already halfway to the weekend. So here’s a  bumper crop of vee-dee-o’s to get that stoke, erm, stoked.

Time to open your eyes and visualise; it’s Midweek Mini Movies!

the escape

Each town in British Columbia seems to offer better singletrack than the last one visited. To prove what’s out there Dave Roth and Seb Kemp cycled, on mountain bikes, from Whistler around the Strait of Georgia, stopping in Squamish, the Sunshine Coast, Powell River, Cumberland, Hornby Island, Parksville, Duncan and Saturna Island.
This trip is about the pleasure of the road and the thrill of the trails. We want to show everyone that, yes, nothing is easy, but the rewards of seeking soothe all hardship.
We want to remind the world that adventure is on your own doorstep, if only you get off the couch to seek it. It is about celebrating the world we ride within. It is also about the communities and individuals that dare imagine, build, and nourish so that mountain biking can flourish.
See the whole story on The Escape website: the-escape.ca
Union Production Company – weareunion.co

Ryan Leech – “Just Riding”

Ryan Leech having some fun in Vancouver, BC.
Created by Matt Dennison

The Spokesman

I simply had to make this video after meeting “James” a very enigmatic man who has taken it upon himself to collect one bicycle from each developmental epoch for future generations to enjoy , a kind of time capsule if you will !

Local Trails – Badbury Clumps, Oxfordshire

Our mate Dom John plays on his local trails. Enjoy the little sun that we had as I think it’s about to rain 😛

Before The Trip : Roubion

What’s better than a little road trip to train ourselves for the big one in British Columbia, Canada this summer.
A long weekend and let’s go to Roubion in south of France!
Song: Asleep In The Park – Gravy Train

AVID – Chasing Trail Curtis Keene

Enduro racer Curtis Keene has ridden trails all over the world. From dry, desert rock to deep forest singletrack, Curtis says it’s all about getting after it and experiencing what’s out there. Avid brakes help Curtis ride fast and win races—but more importantly they put powerful, reliable performance right at his fingertips every time he rides. So he can think less about his bike and more about Chasing Trail.

Avid Chasing Trail – Kelli Emmett

There’s only one way to describe Kelli Emmett as a mountain bike racer: adventurous. One week she’s wearing a skinsuit and railing her hardtail in a pro XC race, the next she’s wearing a full-face helmet and charging a gnarly Euro enduro race. Kelli is the type of rider that can’t be categorized. And that’s how she likes it. For her, racing is a way to see the world in her own way. It’s just as much about the in between time—the road tripping, the camping, the exploration of new trails—as it is the racing itself. What does Kelli love most about her lightweight, powerful Avid brakes? Easy: They let her focus less on the bike and more on Chasing Trail.

Jon Television – Into The Wild

Inspired by Sean Penn’s classical masterpiece “Into The Wild”, this film is about the essence of mountain biking. Don’t give your entire $24.000 savings account to charity, abandon all your possessions and hitchhike to Alaska without telling anyone, but for the love of God, don’t waste all of your precious time fighting over wheel-sizes, strange marketing moves or economic materialism. Make sure most if it is time well spent: on your bike, in the wild.
Produced & Edited by: Jon Bokrantz

Lapierre – Depuis 1946

Since 1946, quality, authenticity, personality, collaboration with world class athletes. All are, undoubtedly, grounds for success. Essential for Lapierre is the ability to innovate and to develop. However, our innovations take into account the history and evolution of riding, and are developed in conjunction with our champions. Gilles Lapierre and Nicolas Vouilloz describe what Lapierre means today. Managing director, pro rider, engineer,… but above all passionate! Also see the bikes in action on our local trails in Dijon, during a lunchtime ride … Enjoy it, share it !

Prototype e*thirteen MTB Chainring

Dan Milner drops into The Hive to bleed Todd Bischoff for info about e*thirteen’s prototype chainring for riders who like to run single speed gearing. Cool new technology reduces flop and helps keep the chain from falling off.


Nothing beats finding a new trail

Before The Trip: Tristan Monnier Edit

We need to be sure that everything will be ok this summer during the filming for the BC Bike Trip Project. So we do some training. This time Tristan rides and Yoann films.
Music: The Dots – Judith you did it


And with Juliana Bikes relaunching this week, how about this (no relation at all) video of the Juliana Bicycle Stunt team? Get your unicycle ready…

Charge TV Week 12

Kye Forte is a pro BMXer who has taken to mountain bike racing and is making waves in the UK Enduro series. In this video he takes us around beautiful Dartmoor aboard his Charge Cooker HI on a training loop. Great views, great trails, great rider and a sweet steel 29er, what could be better?

Midlands XC

Remember when it was sunny? Here’s round three of the 2013 Midlands XC Series from Bewdley.

Projekt Roam

Let’s all go to Fruita and ride buff trails! A self-shot, sunset shred; with one camera, one tripod and one mission… to simply have fun. Colt & Jessee Maule of Projekt Roam keep it simple with their Pivot Point DJs on the PBR trail in Fruita, CO.

Lines of Lofoten

We spent four weeks in the summer of 2012 building two lines in Lofoten, Norway; a dirt line and a big bike line. Our goal was to capture world-class riding in the untouched and unique nature around Lofoten. The fast shifting weather and continuous problems with getting the lines working left us with only a couple of days to complete the film.
This is a highlight clip featuring all the best action from the project.
Lines of Lofoten – a 5 episode web-series will be released shortly.


With this Fourtitude video, Rocky Mountain Bicycles set out to explore what four very different riders could bring to the new Altitude 790 MSL.

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep feeling fascination, yeah?

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