Midweek Mini Movies 150!

by Chipps 4

Midweek Mini Movies turns 150 this week. The mountain bike world’s best, busiest and original midweek distraction continues with the latest digital moving pictures for your analogue eyeballs.

Time to close the office door and have ‘an important meeting’ with some bike-wheel-based video entertainment.


Let’s start with Jumpy the dog. Everyone needs to start a video about stunt-dogs who can skateboard, right?

Dirt Factory

With their business plan in place, Dan and his fellow creators have already had some promising meetings with potential venue owners and business partners for their plan of an indoor bike facility in or near Manchester. Dirt Factory now needs your support to help bring this project to life. Spread the word to your friends, family and fellow riders by sharing and following Dirt Factory on Facebook and Twitter.

Antur Stiniog

Antur Stiniog gained the attention of the enduro team from Continental who couldn’t help but feel it was a great place to capture the essence of what this place is, the views, the scenes, the copious amounts of slate and most of all the riding. Great trails and an all round joyful day had with the 2 of 3 from Team Continental. Rob Scullion and Mike Inman looking quick and on form for this year of gravity based enduros here in the UK, crazy how they manage to find time to train around their full time jobs.

Ben Nevis Skiing

Some people don’t seem to mind a bit of late-season weather. Here’s a ski and mountain bike descent of Ben Nevis.

Charge TV: Week 11 – 3D Metal Printing

See Charge Bikes’ fascinating and pioneering way of 3D printing in titanium to produce very intricate parts that are light and still strong.

Mount Snow Crashfest

As the DH season approaches and we see those riders gracefully clearing all obstacles, we should remember that they’re the good ones. These ones, meanwhile…

Silvia – Winter trails with Matt Hunter

As shown at last week’s Keswick Mountain Festival: Remember winter? Wasn’t that long ago. Matt Hunter reminds us what it was like – and that a little snow needn’t stop you having fun.

Chasing Trail

Enduro racer Curtis Keene has ridden trails all over the world. From dry, desert rock to deep forest singletrack, Curtis says it’s all about getting after it and experiencing what’s out there.

Made by Hand #5: The Bike Maker

Bike maker Ezra Caldwell (Fast Boy Cycles), was diagnosed with cancer in 2008. When the cancer threatens to shatter his love of bikes, Ezra survives by documenting his illness as thoroughly as his craft.

SSUK 2013

Here’s MTB Berkhamstead’s version (or vague memory) of what went on at this year’s SSUK in Swanage, Dorset.

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep it rubbery!

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  1. Matt Hunter winter film is good. Anyone know what the music is?

  2. Think its something by The Knife

  3. Music is by royksopp off their “the understanding” album, song is what else is there

  4. Anyone know what the song in SSUK is?

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